Louis Chenevert Instilled Lasting Values at United Technologies

The legacy that Louis Chenevert left at United Technologies Corporation is unmatched in the business world. He laid a lasting foundation that has maintained the firm at the top to date and for years to come. His bachelor’s degree in production management earned from Université de Montréal, École des Hautes études commerciales (HEC) has played a major role in his successful career.

His Appointment

Louis Chenevert joined UTC in the early 90s, working for its business arm, Pratt & Whitney Canada. His impressive work led to his appointment to the post of the President responsible for the whole business division of Pratt & Whitney in 1999. Seven years later, he rose to the position of the CEO and President of United Technologies Corporation. Louis got down to work immediately after his appointment and went on to mark tremendous achievements.

His Drive

When taking up the top position at UTC, Louis Chenevert had the vision of leaving the place better than it was before his tenure. He knew he would achieve the dream by investing in technology and human resource. According to him, technology can take an organization far while the right human resource can take it further. UTC is known to empower its staffs through education under the Employee Scholar Program. More than a billion dollars has gone into catering for education fees of more than 40000 employees over the years. Louis always steered the company towards adopting modern technology that he believed could give the company a global competitive edge.

Remarkable Achievements

One of the most remarkable achievements of Louis Chenevert at UTC remains the successful negotiations and ultimate acquisition of Goodrich. In just a year as the head of the firm, he closed the $18.4 billion deal. His other notable attainment was winning a contract to supply the F-35 engine for US Air Force. Chenevert also played an active role in the development and marketing of Geared Turbofan (GTF) engine by Pratt & Whitney.

About Louis Chenevert

Prior to joining UTC, Louis Chenevert had worked at General Motors for over ten years. He was in charge of St. Therese operation as the Production General Manager. He resigned from UTC in 2014. Currently, he is engaged as the Exclusive Advisor at Goldman Sachs’ merchant banking branch.

How Fabletics Plans to Beat Amazon at Their Own Retail Game

Women across the country are starting to spread the word about Fabletics, and it appears the company is poised to compete with Amazon in the women’s apparel space. The company has a secret weapon, their co-founder Kate Holmes, and she and the team at Fabletics have come up with a unique way to transform buying women’s workout apparel online.


Place your first order at Fabletics and you will see why so many women are making the move to this growing apparel retailer. Regardless the cost of anything at the website, you pay $25 with free shipping for your first order. This means you can score some top of the line yoga pants or a complete workout set for that incredibly low price delivered right to your door.


After you inspect your new purchase, return back to the Fabletics website to take part in the Lifestyle Quiz, it is the key to you unlocking your VIP membership. Once you are approved for membership, then the real benefits are unlocked. Each order you make at the Fabletics website from here will have free shipping. Anything you buy at the company will cost you $49.95, regardless if it sells for $125, as a VIP member you are locked into that low price-point.


Compare these membership benefits to that at Amazon, where you must pay $75 or more for the right to have 2-day shipping for a year, and that is about all the benefits you get. VIP members at Fabletics also get their own personal shopper who once a month will select a new item based on the results of the quiz, then place it in the shopping cart for your approval. Nothing ships without your approval, so if you do not like the piece, it goes back in the inventory.


Fabletics has taken reverse showrooming to new heights. The company actually encourages shoppers to visit the retail stores and shop, because whether you buy or not, those items are placed in your online shopping cart for your consideration at another time. Maybe you want to shop at the store to try on the workout apparel, then at a later date mix colors and styles based on the fit and order at your convenience.


Take a listen to what women around the web are saying of their shopping experience at Fabletics.


Tanya commented at Trust Pilot, “I recently bought some pretty amazing yoga pants that all the gym is talking about. They shipped free and I paid a third of what the cost would have been at Amazon.”


Vicki at Krazy Lady Coupon, “I found that my personal shopper selected some cute yoga pants for me, so I had them shipped and absolutely loved them. I can’t wait to see what they choose for me next month.”


Becky at A Foodie Stays Fit says, “Take a look at the huge selection of workout apparel at Fabletics. I keep coming back each month to find more sections that the prior month. Love shopping here.”

Mikhail Blagosklonny’s Achievements In Developing Cancer and Aging Drugs

Mikhail Blagosklonny MD, PhD, is a renowned cancer and aging scientist. Currently, he is an oncology professor at Roswell Park Cancer Institute in New York. Mikhail enrolled in the First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg where he graduated with his M.D in internal medicine and a PhD in experimental medicine and cardiology. In 2002, he worked for New York Medical College Valhalla, NY as the associate professor of medicine. Later, Mikhail joined Ordway Research Institute where he worked as a senior scientist until 2009 when he joined Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

Mikhail’s research covers a wide range of topics, including cellular and molecular biology, and clinical investigations. He has a particular interest in researching about oncogenes and tumor suppressors, apoptosis, mitosis, cell cycle and signal transduction. He also analyses anticancer therapeutics focusing more on translation of basic science into anticancer strategies like exploiting cancer cell cycling and drug resistance’s role for protecting normal cells.  has extended his approach to aging and cancer, and other age-related diseases by formulating a hypothesis to study the possible role of TOR Signaling. This study proposed the use of a popular cancer drug called rapamycin as a possible drug for life extension. Mikhail Blagosklonny is regarded as one of the most passionate advocates for rapamycin drug.

He is the author of hyper-function theory of aging as well the brain behind chemotherapeutic engineering and cell cyclotherapy, which are anti-cancer approaches. Dr. Blagosklonny has published over 300 articles, book chapters, and reviews. He is the editor-in-chief of Oncotarget, Aging and Cell Cycle journals. Oncotarget is a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed open access journal that publishes papers on all aspects of oncology on a weekly basis. Aging is a peer-reviewed open access medical journal, which is published monthly by Impact Journal. Cell cycle is a peer-reviewed scientific journal that covers topics on cell biology. It is released twice a week. Mikhail is also an associate editor of Cancer Biology & Therapy. He sits on the editorial board of Cell Death & Differentiate. Previously, he served as an associate editor for Cancer Research, International Journal of Cancer, Cell Death and Differentiation, PLOS ONE and American Journal of Cancer. View Mikhail’s profile in LinkedIn.

Nationwide Title Clearing Creates Online Ordering System For Property Reports

In an effort to address concerns within the real estate industry in regards to title defects, Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. (NTC) has revamped their website, making property reports available through an online ordering system.



Title defects have become more and more of a concern in recent years, with some people feeling that they cause wrongful foreclosures or cause sluggishness in the transition of assets. According the NTC’s executives, obtaining property regards is the key in ensuring a clear title conveyance, reducing the possibility of buyback. This leading document-processing provider has taken many steps to help make the process of getting property reports simple and easy through their new online ordering process.



Title defects happen most commonly when an individual or entity lays claim to a property that is actually owned by someone else. There are however many other factors which could render a title invalid, including any previous liens that have not been removed, the failure to follow proper filing procedures, issues with document wording, and the failure to include necessary document signatures. NTC understands all of these factors and that is why they believe that addressing any defects before the property is transferred is essential.



NTC has made multiple reports available through their online ordering system, including tax status reports, assignment verification report services, and current owner reports. Their goal with this new system is to provide their clients with a fast, easy process of securing these property reports. All of these reports are available for any residential property in the country. NTC ensures accurate results by obtaining their information from numerous sources, and verifies the information through both automation and human verification. This verification process has allowed NTC to grow and serve some of the largest lenders in the country.



Nationwide Title Clearing is a private research and document-processing service provider, based in Palm Harbor, Florida. As a leader in the industry, they have served clients all over the country, including eight out of the ten largest mortgage servicers in the country. The company is known for deliver top-notch accuracy in their services, and have set the industry standard.



NTC’s experts are able to fulfill document requirements in every jurisdiction in the country, all 3,600 of them. They specialize in lien release services, land records research, document retrieval, assignment services, property reports, and final document tracking. NTC’s expansion has been tied to their unprecedented services they provide.



Betsy DeVos Stewardship and Service

Parents always have a great impact on their children. This is true in the story of Betsy DeVos because her parents, a number of years ago made a great impact of teaching her stewardship. She also learnt the need to support worthy courses in the community. Betsy also learnt the need to educate others and teach them subjects like art. Over the years, she has been passionate about bringing radical changes in the education sector and fighting for justice and good leadership. Betsy and her husband Dick DeVos have highlighted that they are ‘following the footsteps of their parents.’

Philanthropy work

Betsy has been passionate about education, which has led her to start education centers such as West Michigan Aviation Academy, ArtPrize and American Federation for Children. She has also sponsored other initiatives in health care such as Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital Pediatric Oncology Program. Her foundation has also funded Success Academy Charter Schools, The Potter’s House School and Alliance for School Choice.

The philanthropy work has also been extended to universities and colleges. One of them includes University of Maryland College Park Foundation. The School Missionary Aviation, Ferris State University, Daveport University are some of the other institutions that have received help from the foundation. The foundation has also given over $100 million from 1999 to date. Betsy DeVos has been influential in supporting over 33 public schools where 250,000 students are in 17 states. Betsy is also passionate about tearing down a system of education where students are assigned schools just because of the zip code of their home location. With her new appointment as the education secretary, much is on the waiting list. This is because many people believe she will spur even more growth and changes in the education sector.

Background of Betsy

In 1958, an unstoppable education champion was born and given the name Elisabeth Prince. She was the daughter of Elsa and Edgar Prince. She attended Holland Christian High School near her home in Michigan. Later, she earned a bachelor degree of Business Administration and Political Science from Calvin College, Michigan. She became a member of Christian Reformed Church. Betsy DeVos is happily married to Dick DeVos and together they have three children.

Today, she is the choice of United States President Donald Trump for the position of the secretary of education. Her passion for education has given her the opportunity to touch the world. Together with her family, she is valued at $5.3 billion net worth. However, a real value would be placed on the education changes she has been able to implement. More worth still is in the donations made throughout her philanthropy work. The 59 year old education mogul spearheads American Federation for Children. Previously, Betsy DeVos was the leader of Foundation for Excellence in Education.

Makari de Suisse: Skin Care from Head to Toe

Being able to put your best face forward is always a good thing, but what about your body? There are many skin care lines that address the needs of the face, but when it comes to keeping the skin that covers the rest of your body looking radiant and healthy, they come up short. Makari de Suisse is a luxurious skin care line for ethnic women that addresses the skin care needs of women from head to toe. There isn’t a single inch of your body that you should hide or cover in shame, and thankfully with Makari having been around for the past 10 years, you no longer have to. The Makari Exclusive Toning Milk will have your skin glowing all over. Makari.com uses natural ingredients with lighting properties to remove dark spots and skin discolorations. Hyperpigmentation on the body will fade away just as it does on the face, when you use Makari’s full line of clinically proven products.


FreedomPop Review Brings Zero Cost Calling for Users

These days just about everyone is on the Internet doing research, playing games or talking with others via text or social media, but truly free Internet providers are few and far between. That’s why FreedomPop, a fairly new free Internet and mobile phone service provider, has been turning heads the past five years.

When you sign up for FreedomPop services, you can get up to 200 free voice minutes and unlimited free texting, as well as up to 500 megabytes of free 4G data service. Plus, there are no contracts, no cancellation fees and no surprise fees at all!

If that doesn’t sound like enough data, then you can choose to go with FreedomPop’s paid options, and they will charge $10 for this option after they send you a message that allows you to go over your initial 500 megs of data. In fact, this is actually automatic unless you opt out of the charge by going into the settings on the FreedomPop website for your billing options. Plus, after a year the service at FreedomPop still doesn’t force you into a contract, but you then must pay around $10 a month for services.

However, you can get more free data in other ways, including earning it via inviting others to use FreedomPop, downloading surveys and other items to earn data, etc. Or, just pay two cents for every megabyte you use when you go over your allowance. Plus, there is another pay option to go with a $5 monthly fee and be able to use Wi-Fi to call via more than 10 million hot spots on their network. You can also pay $20 a month for unlimited talk, text and a gig of data at the 4G speed, and after that, unlimited data at a lower download speed.

All in all, FreedomPop’s deals are pretty good for the prices as this Freedompop review shows, and their service works with multiple devices and runs on the Sprint network, as well as Android capable phones. The have service in both the US and the UK, with the UK service being via special SIM cards.

So if you don’t use a lot of voice or data, you can take advantage of Freedom Pop, a truly free Internet service provider, and even if you want more minutes or data, they have some really great prices compared to their competitors, so check it out today at their website at www.freedompop.com.

Eric Pulier Success Story

Eric Pulier is a respected businessman and philanthropist from the United States. The serial entrepreneur has a passion for literature and computer programs too. Pulier has developed numerous programs and applications that have transformed the lives of many people in the world.


The businessman was born and raised in New Jersey. After completing his high school studies, he went for his college education at the prestigious Harvard University. Pulier studied literature at the University. Eric got his first editorial job at the Harvard Crimson Journal while still in school.


After graduating from the Harvard University,Eric Pulier decided to pursue his career in computer programming. The entrepreneur relocated to Los Angeles where he started several software companies. His first company was known as Digital Evolution. Under his leadership, the software company did very well, and he earned enough money to start other ventures. Pulier is the founder of powerful companies such as Media Platform, Akana, ServiceMesh, and Desktone.


Eric Pulier has been very active in philanthropic activities throughout his career. The respected author has always had a passion for healthcare, and he has done a lot to ensure that everyone in the whole country has access to the right medical care. Pulier founded the Starbright World program in 1998 to assist children who are chronically ill. The unique program has transformed the lives of many young people in the United States. Pulier is also a member of a successful organization known as Painted Turtle. The charity caters to the needs of children living with disabilities.


21st Century Haircare

We are living in some of the best of times as innovation seems to reign supreme. Every industry or field of work has innovation implemented for sure, but the haircare industry stands out thanks to it’s wide array of products and services. This industry is huge and hosts some of the top names in haircare such as Pantene, Aveda, L’Oréal, Max Factor, Head & Shoulders and many more. The general public can actually buy products that are salon quality, but all of these products aren’t created equal.

Your favorite hair care brands on Sephora more than likely are loaded with chemical additives such as sulfates and parabens. These chemicals can cause a host of problems such as dry scalp, flakes, breakage, and hairloss with long term use. Even shampoo can be too harsh for specific individuals. The best thing to do is to cut back on the usage or use a much more gentle product. One of the best ways of doing this is by “kicking your current products to the curve” and Start using WEN Hair by Chaz. Founded ad developed by celebrity haircare stylist Chaz Dean, https://chazdean.com/store.aspx, WEN by Chaz has become the premier brand by putting all others to shame. Ingredients, ingredients, ingredients is the success of (WEN) products. These ingredients come straight rom mother nature’s kitchen. Rosemary Extract, Sweet Almond Mint, Cucumber, Panthenol, Glycerin, Wild Cherry Bark, Pomegranate Extract, and many more can be found in it’s formula.

This Patented DNA gives the benefits of softer, smoother more manageable hair. (WEN) also adds shine, creates moisture, and strengthens the follicles. Is there a specific formula you want? This brand comes in pomade, gel, sprays, mousse, and crème. WEN by Chaz is setting new trends, raising the bar, and changing the status quo. Take the next step for positive hair health with WEN by Chaz. More information on WEN Hair company available at crunchbase.com.


Dr.Walden Welcomes A New Age Of Cosmetic Surgery

Austin’s Daughter Comes Home

When Jennifer Walden wanted to raise a family, she returned home to the city of Austin,Texas. Although she enjoyed her career in the Manhattan borough of New York City, she knew Austin was a better place to raise her twin boys. The move gave Dr. Jennifer Walden a greater level of freedom. Now that she works for herself at her own private practice, Dr.Walden is setting her own schedule and helping to bring new technology into the cosmetic surgery mainstream. From restoring hair growth to fat removal with lasers, Dr.Walden has the future of plastic surgery in her hand.



A New Wave Of Tech On The Horizon

The tech behind cosmetic surgery is changing the way plastic surgeons perform their work. Procedures that were previously invasive, such as fat removal, are turning into faster and simpler procedures overnight. When Dr.Walden wants to help patients perfect the shape of their bodies she now uses SculpSure. Developed with laser technology, SculpSure enables Dr.Walden to use lasers to remove fat from the patient without the need to cut open the body. This new procedure is so fast she can finish her work in a matter of 25 minutes. Other advances are helping Walden ease the side effects of other common procedures. Thanks to the magic of SmartGraft, a new process to stimulate hair growth in patients with missing hair, the side effects of facial surgeries, which often cause baldness, are now easily reversed.



The Most Recognized Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr.Walden’s work has garnered recognition for her insistence on promoting innovation in her field. Even before she opened up her private practice, Walden was widely recognized by the testimonies of her patients and peers. In her line of work, many women are unable to reach the upper echelons. However, in Walden’s case she has not only reached the top but shifted the paradigm into a new direction. As more cosmetic surgeons follow suit and use the techniques she is promoting, we see the face of cosmetic surgery change. More procedures will become available, but with fewer side effects and shorter waiting periods.