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Inmate Services with Automated ConnectUs Application with Securus

Securus Technologies is a well-known inmate services provider. It offers technology services for both civil and criminal agencies to foster our public safety, investigations, monitoring and corrections of our inmates in correctional facilities. In the recent past, the firm introduced a new technology, which will facilitate service delivery and save clients’ time and money at the same time. Securus Technologies is implementing its automated Inmate Forms and Grievance app on ConnectUs.

The Vice President of the firm, Russell Roberts, stated that the launch of the app is a perfect indicator of how they will automate the inmate industry for efficiency. From the past, correctional facilities were using conventional paper forms for everything ranging from inmate requests to filing. One of the paramount drawbacks of the paper forms is that they consume a lot of quality time to be filled, prepared, processed, approved and filed. The app from Securus Technologies grants correctional personnel with the ideal opportunity to turn things around at our correctional facilities across the nation.

With the automated Inmate Forms and Grievance application, it will be possible for inmates to have custom request forms generated quickly and in the case, something needs to be changed on the request; it is only a matter of minutes with no printing required.
The app can transform how our correctional facilities handles the various inmate services and requests that need filling, signing, and filing. Prior to the launch of this excellent application, our correctional officer was running all their processes manually through papers. Noticeably, paper forms are prone to distortion or even loss, which could be an impediment to excellent services in the correctional facilities.

The performance of the app is not doubtable, as it has been previously implemented in several industries before its launching in the correctional industry. The application is secure and promotes safety as it can provide all the information that inmates access through it to the correctional officers. Securus Technologies covers over 3,400 agencies and more than 1,200,000 inmates across North America.

Securus Technologies Provides Innovative Solutions to Inmates and Investigators

Securus Tehcnologies, which can be found online at, has long provided technology solutions related to public safety, civil and criminal justice, monitoring, and corrections. The company assists both investigators and inmates. 

Imprisonment can be a lonely and isolating experience. With the help of Video Visitation services from Securus Technologies, however, inmates can remain regularly connected with their loved ones, which will help them not only to adjust to their present circumstances, but also to the outside world upon release. At-home visitation via video technology allows families to visit their incarcerated love ones more often than they might otherwise be able to do if travel was involved. Onsite video visitation can even be conveniently scheduled online through Securus Technologies at Brochures are available on the website to help orient users to this modern communication technology. Video visitation is a fully web-based system that takes into account the availability of inmates when helping loved ones to schedule remote visits. 

While inmates have their struggles, investigators also have theirs. Investigation is no easy profession, and these men and women need tools that can help them draw useful conclusions from all the various means of inmate communication. That’s where Securus Technologies steps in once again. Most recently, it released THREADS 3.1, an analytic tool that makes use of big data to alert investigators to the suspicious patterns of inmate phone calls, as well as to their questionable associations and fraternization activities. 

THREADS 3.1 now contains an improved user interface that incorporates cutting-edge big data analytical technology. The redesign means that navigation and searching will now be easier and loading will occur more quickly. Investigators will now also be able to integrate the patented THREADS 3.1 technology directly with other products of the company, including the Secure Call Platform (SCP). The tool is meant to provide investigators with leads and intelligence that he or she can act upon without the need of much training. Three features of the improved technology particularly stand out:

(1) Investigators can now listen to SCP calls within the THREADS application itself.

(2) Customized mapping will help investigators find solutions faster.

(3) Real-time analysis, which is provided with guidance, and context-sensitive reports will make the investigator’s job easier. 

Securus is based out of Dallas, Texas, which contains one of the largest penal system in the United States. The company, however, assists thousands of law enforcement, corrections, and public safety agencies all across the North American continent, encompassing over 1.2 million inmates. Recently they have expanded their leadership team to reflect their growth.