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Is Buying Gold – Unpatriotic?

Freedom is the core of social and business success. A slave cannot produce much. Without entrepreneurs businesses and productivity, no government can exist.


Governments don’t produce anything. Instead, they re-organize the productivity of the citizens and raise taxes to pay for various services. Thus, the best government needs its citizens to be as productive as possible.


“Gold Rumors”


There have been many rumors about whether gold is “patriotic” or not. Some of this is a bit silly. When President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, confiscated gold it was not “because holding it was unpatriotic,” it was because the country needed more money, quickly.


Just think logically, for a second. “If Americans had not been productive and purchased gold, would FDR have any wealth to confiscate?” No.


Did FDR confiscate paper dollar bills? No.


Did FDR confiscate all paper? No.


“Learn History Lessons”


Thus, logic should dictate that you understand that the government knows that gold is money. In fact, the US Constitution defines American currency as gold and silver species, nothing else.


Gold is a “store of wealth.” Paper is NOT a store of wealth. Your paper bills are losing their value every day. That is why your gasoline is more expensive than it was 30 years ago.


“Patriots Are Productive”


The true patriots work hard. Those who disparage gold, usually have a “horse in the race.” If you look at their wealth holdings closely, they may even own gold. By preventing you from purchasing gold, they have more for themselves.


Some experts argue that the gold confiscated by FDR is still in Fort Knox. Thus, obviously, the United States government views gold as being so valuable that they must store it in a fort with numerous guards. Take note.


“Buy US Money Reserve Gold”


Reserves are there for emergencies. Likewise, the US Money Reserve has provided the means, by which you can protect your wealth: gold. The United States government has made it legal for you to add gold to your IRA. Therefore, gold must be patriotic.


Do your duty as a good American citizen. Be productive. You could purchase beautiful United States gold coins. Gold has withstood the test of time. Paper has not. Cheap paper even yellows in the sunlight.


Gold reflects the power of the sun. The United States government gains its strength from the productivity of citizens, like you. Buy gold to be productive and patriotic!

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