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Josh Verne’s Keys to Success

In Josh Verne’s mind, there are five key points to be successful. These points, he believes can lead anyone to prosperous life and business.

Don’t be a boss, be a leader

A boss uses his title to demand respect and does what is in his own best interest. Bosses force their will onto their employees. Leaders on the other hand, earn the respect of their coworkers by putting them first and use it to accomplish goals as a team. Leaders put others first and serve the people following them.

Make every situation a win-win

As a leader, you should never agree to a situation that you or your team will lose something in. Always try to make every situation a win. No matter how bad a situation may seem, there are always ways to create a win. If you refuse to allow any loss, you are then forced to find the best solution every time you are faced with a problem.

Do more listening, less speaking

The fact that a person has two ears and one mouth is enough of a reason to use your ears more than your mouth. When you speak less, your words will have more power. When your words have more power, they will demand more respect and more people will listen to them.

Create balance in your life

Happiness can only be created when it is felt in all aspects of your life. You should continually strive to make progress in all aspects of your life. Even if you improve just a little bit everyday on your health, wealth, relationships and personal growth, you’ll set yourself up for success.

Understand your passion

In order to have any success, you must be passionate about whatever you’re trying to be successful in. There are very few successful people in the world who aren’t passionate. Your passion should make you want to wake up in the morning with excitement. If it isn’t a passion you’ll have the same boring day over and over again.
Josh Verne founded Workpays LLC in 2011. It’s a company that offers financing to several million customers throughout the country. They offer zero-perfect financing through payments that are arranged as installments over 2, 4, 8 or 12 months. The payments are taken directly from the customer’s bank or through payroll deductions.

  1. Verne also founded FlockU, LLC. FlockU is a peer to peer exchange for college students. This exchange features news and opinions on everything. It is a platform created by students.

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