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IAP Worldwide Services Gets the Job Done Despite the Risks

No matter how high the risk factors are, no matter what dangers lurk about, the brave professionals at Ingenuity and Purpose (IAP) Worldwide Services, Incorporated are dedicated to making all things happens for their clients. They are in the habit of making the goals of the clients their goals. Even when a gang of roving gunmen decide to take over a building with hostages inside, the professionals at IAP Worldwide Services know what to do to stop the situation from getting worse than it would have with no intervention in a timely fashion.

There are an unlimited number of scenarios where a crew of very brave and skilled workers are going to be needed to solve a complex problem. These are the types of tasks that are confronted, negotiated and managed by the members of the IAP team. The various scenarios of IAP that are handled include those by the integrated Aviation and Engineering Solutions team. This group of experts are deployed when National Security issues are at stake using what is called the National Security Program unit. The joining of these two types of services have also given birth to the aviation, communications and Wide area network, enterprise management and local area network technologies groups. The planning of these various functional groups to merge gave way from the acquisition earlier in the quarter of DRS Technologies and A&L, the Aviation and Logistics business.

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IAP Worldwide Services, Inc.: Private Company Information

When disasters unfold in whatever location in the nation or abroad, those who can be dispatched to heal, contain and rebuild are the professionals of IAP. What is the mission of this specialize group of individuals known as IAP? It is the firm conviction of those who exhibit their familiar purpose and discipline daily in their job to make the client’s goal their own. Reaching for those solutions in the midst of great difficulty is what compels these workers to continue. They bring with them the skills of aircraft engineers, computer scientists, network enterprise managers, telecom engineers, logistics and maintenance technician services.

Some of the legacy services of IAP Worldwide Services have had their roots sprouted some sixty years ago. As their services to the United States Department of Defense, International forces and entities produced a wide variety of services, project management teams proliferated. They developed vital processes to handle a diverse set of problems from working with NASA space programs in Florida to the deserts of the Middle East running air force missions and naval missions form the Persian Gulf.

Service offices are located in all parts of the globe including Washington, District of Columbia to London, England and then deep in the mountains of Afghanistan. Wherever the mission is and the goals of success are carried out, the men and women of IAP are there to make it happen.

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About IAP Worldwide

Ingenuity and Purpose is one of the leading international companies, offering a plethora of services to the US government and other government agencies all over the world. The company has been in existence for more than 60 years. They are headquartered in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Currently, they have multiple operation facilities in over 20 countries in the world. The company employees over 1600 employees all over the world.

The company believes that with technology, ingenuity and expertise, anything can be solved. They are dedicated to offering solutions to various clients by first learning to share their visions and goals. That, added to maximum client dedication, enables them to deliver excellence for every single client that they work with.

IAP Worldwide Services believes that through strategic partnerships they are able to achieve great heights in terms of service. They partner with veterans, suppliers and any other interested party that shares their visions.

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The leadership of IAP plays a vital role in the success if the company. Their board of directors have 10 prolific men and women. Douglas Kitani is the CEO and the Director of this corporation. Terry DeRosa is the Chief Financial Officer and the Executive Vice President. Other vice presidents in the corporation include Rick Nohmer, Barbara Jerich, Rochelle Cooper and Peter Gleave.

Recent Acquisitions

According to PRNewswire, IAP in the year 2015 acquired three companies. DRS Technologies is one of the companies that was acquired during this year. They are a Logistics and Aviation company, headquartered in Oklahoma. In the same year, they acquired A & L, involved in the business of aircraft repair management, missions support services and logistics. IAP Worldwide Services also acquired Tactical Communications & Network Solutions (TCNS). TCNS provides communication technology and engineering services to the Department of Defense and other agencies in the US. The acquisitions are bound to increase the capability of IAP in serving more customers. Also, hey will help smoothen service delivery worldwide.


IAP is involved in a number of projects that aim at building communities where they operate. They work with local volunteers to restore the safety of the shorelines. Also, they collaborate with the United Way of Brevard, donating tons of canned food to the 3rd grade children and raising funds directed towards encouraging literacy.

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