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Many people would fold their hands and watch economic tides destroy a country, but not one heavy weight investor David Osio. He has been on the forefront to prose different measures to address external debt issues. They include adjusting the exchange rate, making foreign investments secure plus increasing gasoline. For the economy to run smoothly and benefit the citizens, Osio has also advocated for the restructuring of the debt. This will help evade the possibility projected by many international banks of Venezuela running into a default.


Evaporating Revenues


Although some countries still remain stable despite harsh economic times, flexibility is crucial. Osio explains the oil industry is diving into a state of liquidity crisis. He explains the lack of flexibility attracts a negative spiral which provides little or no guarantee in the future. Domestic production is thus affected because of collapse of the oil industry. Oil market decline impact is also projected to be severe. Urgent economic changes are thus expected to prevent Venezuela from becoming a defaulter.


Conflicting Economic signals


Economic stability of Venezuela is affected even by the international market. However, as David Osio would wisely caution, lack of reforms is attracting a crisis. This is because the international market cannot interpret correctly what Venezuela is up to. Osio, among other financial specialists at Davos Financial Group agree the willingness of the government must not be done solely. They advocate reforms must be implemented or the strategy will tend to be ineffective.


Preventing Default


The economy is affected severely to an extent of attracting a default. Osio, however, interprets the response by the government to the illiquidity crisis as insufficient. He interprets seeking extra funding from China and slashing imports will not help a big deal to solve the real problem. According to Osio, the country’s economy would remain immune like Mexico or Columbia and remain immune to external shocks. However, poor economic policies stifle the possibility of market stability.


David Osio Background


As the President of Davos Financial Group, Osio has remained vocal in helping bring change in the economic world. He is associated with 14 companies which serve high end companies plus wealthy individuals providing reliable financial solutions. They focus on wealth management strategies, investment advisory, investment banking ideas, real estate solutions, trust services plus financial advisory solutions. Osio prides in diversifying the products to serve a wider market and still make clients satisfied. He also enjoys great partnership to consolidate efforts and bring massive changes in the economic world.


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Richard Blair is the Man to go to for Advice Before Renting Property on Airbnb

Currently, individuals are in a position to make an extra coin by renting out their extra space or house easily through services such as Airbnb. This is done by hosting guests or visitors to your property for a given period. However, various issues such as damage to the property accompany this entrepreneurial venture.
In various cases, the repair costs exceed the amount of money generated from renting the space. Therefore, there is a need to consider these tips below before renting out your property through such services.

Factors for Considerations


Though most homeowners have their companies covered under homeowner’s insurance packages, most insurance providers do not cover short-term rentals. Hence, any destruction of the property becomes the responsibility of the owner.


Though services such Airbnb offer their protection, it is secondary. The protection comes into play after a person has depleted all his or her options.


Bear in mind that renting your property comes with many risks. You are prone to lawsuits due to various incidences. Further, you are liable for injuries sustained by the guests while they are on your property.

Expert Advice

After individuals have considered such factors, they ought to look for expert advice. Wealth and investment managers such as Wealth Solutions, Inc. are ideal candidates. Richard Blair, the founder and head of Wealth Solutions, is competent enough to provide the necessary advice. Primarily, this is because his skills revolve around employee benefits, insurance, securities, and financial planning. His company offers a broad range of solutions including wealth preservation, retirement, and financial planning.

Who is Richard Blair

Richard Blair is largely known as the founder of Wealth Solutions. On his own, Blair is a retirement income certified professional, Certified Fund Specialist, Certified Estate, and Trust Specialist as well as a Certified Annuity Specialist. Apart from all these certifications, Blair is an alumnus of the University of Houston where he graduated with a Degree in Finance. His experience in the financial service industry spans over twenty years. He founded Wealth Solutions with an objective to offer strategic advice and tailor-made wealth preservation, retirement, and investment plans.

Through his outstanding experience and level of expertise Blair, has managed to help various parties including high net worth individuals and families to achieve their financial targets. Apart from being highly involved in the running of his financial firm, the Wealth Solutions, he spends time as a family man. He also takes part in golfing, riding, exercising as well as family vacations with his there children and wife, Joanne.

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Investment Strategy by Richard Blair at Wealth Solutions

Wealth Solutions is an investment advisory firm focused on offering comprehensive and personalized financial planning. The company is headquartered in Austin, Texas to assist wealthy families, individuals and business to manage their wealth. The company serves the entire Texas and its neighboring areas including George Town, Houston, Marble Falls, Bastrop and New Braunfels. Wealth Solutions was established by Richard Blair, CES, RICP, CFS and CAS.

Wealth Solutions Inc. particularly target clients who are preparing their retirement as they reach a significant stage of their life. Such clients are looking to reserve their wealth and since they can’t keep working anymore, they hope that they can obtain a steady income and still leave an inheritance for their heirs. Wealth Solutions comes in, and develop an all-inclusive financial strategy that will help their client to pursue their retirement objectives. The company offer advice to its clients on how to minimize taxes, take a social security plan as well as how to create a steady income flow.

And as the financial market continue experiences changes, Wealth Solutions strongly believes that its ever changing financial strategies will adapt to the changing needs of its clients. The company also offer services that allow its clients to manage, grow and protect their assets.
About Richard Blair


Richard Blair is the co-founder of Wealth Solutions Inc., an investment advisory firm based in Texas. He established Wealth Solution with the objective of helping families and owners of small business to manage their wealth before eventually diversifying to retirement investment planning. Richard drew his passion for education from his wife, mother and grandmother who were all teachers while he was still pursuing college education. He realized that teaching could develop the knowledge and confidence of an individual.

He therefore combined that experience with his natural passion for finance and the idea of helping people to manage their assets and wealth crossed his mind. After graduating from the university in 1993, he was employed in a financial services firm and a year later, he co-founded his own private firm, Wealth Solutions.

Today, Richard Blair have developed his knowledge and skills in the field of finance with his firm now specializing on retirement planning, wealth management and financial planning. He intends to continue pursuing growth and will not stop until eventually his firm is declared the best in providing edge financial advisory services.