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The Equities First Holdings Innovative Capital Solutions

The famed alternative finance and capital service provider, Equities First Holdings, has recently witnessed a growth trend as most of the clients embrace the use of stock as collateral for securing the working capital. This policy has provided their investors with an avenue to amass more capital than ever. Taking advantage of the fact that banks and other lending institutions often offer strict lending criteria, Equities First has exploited the opportunity to attract more clients. According to Yahoo Finance, most of their esteemed customers have ventured in this stock-based loan security for more capital. Equities First Holdings has broken new grounds in the financial market for having their loan security threshold slightly lowered to accommodate a wider audience.

Borrowers can now shift their focus from the more stringent and high collateral policies offered in most finance sources to the simpler stock collateral alternative. Those who have opted for this option have witnessed an increased loan-to-value ratio which is a plus for their businesses. Another benefit reaped through this alternative is the lowered risk limit in case of a drop in the stock market, which usually is rather inevitable. The fluctuations that are a common phenomenon in the financial market on a three-year basis tend to be smoothened for investors who opt for the stock-based loan collateral. The loans clients receive can be used for several purposes therefore not limiting the investors to a certain vehicle of investment.

Equities First Holdings is the one stop site for competitive capital solutions for most businesses and high net-worth people who are looking for capital free from investment limitations. They are quite legitimate, offering competitive capital solutions since its establishment. They provide avenues through which their clients can liquefy their assets to free the cash for other purposes through friendly terms. Equity First Holdings has replaced the contemporary financing alternatives to bring their client’s low-cost capital and financing policies. They have expanded their operations to a global scale and have piloted more than 625 successful transactions since the establishment of the company.

The venture is based on high integrity standards and is usually ready to reimburse their clients’ stock following the maturity of the transaction. This remains the policy despite depreciation in the stock value that may come during the transaction. In both ways the borrowers benefit greatly. Fixed interest rates always come with the stock collateral loans throughout the process to the end of the deal.

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