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Fabletics: Winning with Members

For decades, companies revered the opinions of their customers. It’s where the slogan: “the customer is always right” comes from. Now, companies revere customer opinions more than ever. With a consumer behavior trend called crowd-sourced reviews, customers have the power to persuade fellow shoppers whether to purchase a product or service.

As the economy relies more on technology, consumers are using the internet to research products before they buy. That means that companies no longer have the ability to persuade their customers like they used to. More people place their faith in customer reviews rather than traditional advertisements.

What it really comes down to is trust. Consumers no longer trust traditional advertisements as much as they used to. With the adoption of user reviews, consumers can get firsthand descriptions of the quality of products and services. This makes customers feel better about their purchase before they buy.

As a result, the markets became more competitive. Companies go out of their way to make customers feel special, in the hopes of creating a return customer. This also allows savvier brands, like Fabletics, to compete with dominating brands that have controlled the market for so long. In fact, many of the executives at Fabletics thank user reviews for the company’s success.

Making the customers feel special is what Fabletics is all about. Fabletics uses a subscription mechanic to sell directly to its members. It also uses an array of activities and events to get to know its members’ personal style preferences.

Its premise is simple: offer on-trend fashion at affordable prices. As an added bonus, Fabletics has a team of fashion experts that select items they believe each member will like. Every month, every member gets a personalized list of items that fit their style preference. Features like this attracted over one million monthly members.

For Fabletics, members’ happiness is the most important victory. Fabletic’s designers spend countless hours ensuring that every woman can find something she loves at Fabletics. They make items in all sizes from XXS to 3X, which is extremely rare for an activewear brand.

In fact, the countless styles Fabletics has are why most members love the brand. Even some of the reviewers challenge their fellow members to not find something they’ll love. For women who want to see what styles Fabletics has, they can take Fabletic’s lifestyle quiz.

How Fabletics Plans to Beat Amazon at Their Own Retail Game

Women across the country are starting to spread the word about Fabletics, and it appears the company is poised to compete with Amazon in the women’s apparel space. The company has a secret weapon, their co-founder Kate Holmes, and she and the team at Fabletics have come up with a unique way to transform buying women’s workout apparel online.


Place your first order at Fabletics and you will see why so many women are making the move to this growing apparel retailer. Regardless the cost of anything at the website, you pay $25 with free shipping for your first order. This means you can score some top of the line yoga pants or a complete workout set for that incredibly low price delivered right to your door.


After you inspect your new purchase, return back to the Fabletics website to take part in the Lifestyle Quiz, it is the key to you unlocking your VIP membership. Once you are approved for membership, then the real benefits are unlocked. Each order you make at the Fabletics website from here will have free shipping. Anything you buy at the company will cost you $49.95, regardless if it sells for $125, as a VIP member you are locked into that low price-point.


Compare these membership benefits to that at Amazon, where you must pay $75 or more for the right to have 2-day shipping for a year, and that is about all the benefits you get. VIP members at Fabletics also get their own personal shopper who once a month will select a new item based on the results of the quiz, then place it in the shopping cart for your approval. Nothing ships without your approval, so if you do not like the piece, it goes back in the inventory.


Fabletics has taken reverse showrooming to new heights. The company actually encourages shoppers to visit the retail stores and shop, because whether you buy or not, those items are placed in your online shopping cart for your consideration at another time. Maybe you want to shop at the store to try on the workout apparel, then at a later date mix colors and styles based on the fit and order at your convenience.


Take a listen to what women around the web are saying of their shopping experience at Fabletics.


Tanya commented at Trust Pilot, “I recently bought some pretty amazing yoga pants that all the gym is talking about. They shipped free and I paid a third of what the cost would have been at Amazon.”


Vicki at Krazy Lady Coupon, “I found that my personal shopper selected some cute yoga pants for me, so I had them shipped and absolutely loved them. I can’t wait to see what they choose for me next month.”


Becky at A Foodie Stays Fit says, “Take a look at the huge selection of workout apparel at Fabletics. I keep coming back each month to find more sections that the prior month. Love shopping here.”

The Ease of Fabletics

These days, it can be quite hard to find the look you want when it comes to what you will be wearing to the gym the next time that you go. Wouldn’t you love it if you could just stop and let someone else do all of the shopping for you, choosing outfits that are custom designed to not only what you usually wear, but also your lifestyle? You would think something like this would be expensive, but that is not the case when it comes to the newest trend in buying Athletic ware. A company called Fabletics has just entered into the online world, and at this company, you feel like you are getting 5-star treatment at a lower cost.

Fabletics is a retailer that pushes out clothing and accessories that are not just for women, but also for men. If you have ever felt yourself wanting to just let someone else take over in terms of shopping, then let Fabletics handle all of your needs when it comes to things to wear to the gym, and also when it comes to dresses and swimsuits. Fabletics is not only for those who do not love the experience of shopping on and don’t want to do any of the shopping for themselves though, you can also make your own choices and maybe just glance at the personalized options that Fabletics has personally selected to suit your lifestyle and common clothing choices.

The company of Fabletics got their big start in 2013, thanks to three people who wanted to make shopping a little easier on everyone, these three people were Kate Hudson, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. However, the person that we all have to thank for coming up with the men’s line for the Fabletics store is Oliver Hudson, Kate Hudson’s darling brother. He thought it would be a nice touch for men to also have the option of not having to go through the painful task of shopping unless they wanted to.

The Fabletics Subscription

I know what you are thinking, oh boy, here it comes, the big gigantic movie star of a price. However, we really did mean it when we said that it was a low price, for just $49.95 a month, you can feel like you are royalty at the hotel of Fabletics. This monthly membership means that all of the stress of shopping will be taken off of your shoulders, and you will have more than enough time for everything else on your to-do list. There are only a few questions that you have to answer in the beginning once you have purchased your membership, these are the questions that will help out Fabletics when it comes to picking out the outfits that are best suited to you. So go ahead and get your subscription to Fabletics on, and let them take the weight of the world off of your shoulders.

Doe Deere: Beauty, Art and Fashion


Doe Deere is very passionate about beauty, art, and fashion. She has in fact been involved in all three of these areas in her career. She has made music. She has also sewed fabric. During her time sewing, she has gotten the idea of running her own make up company. One of the reasons that she has decided to start up Lime Crime was that she has seen that it is very hard to come across some different colors other than the ones that were traditionally used for make up. She adopted the philosophy of being the change one wants to see and started her own company which carries different bright colors in makeup.

Lime Crime originally started as an eBay account where Doe Deere showcased her new DIY fashion line. When it came to showcasing the products and how they work, she was the model of her products. She wanted to make sure that the brand got her complete look. She wanted to make sure that her brand had a colorful image. The company eventually launched in full in 2008. It has proven to be really successful with Doe Deere’s marketing skills as well as friendliness and eagerness to reach out to people.

Doe Deere has a great definition and idea of what success is. She considers herself successful if she is able to get people to identify with her vision to the point that they enjoy wearing her products. She is passionate about constantly growing and adjusting her image while maintaining her core values. She strives to please others.

One major success with Doe Deere is that she believes that beauty is very diverse. She wants people to be able to express themselves. She wants them to be pleased with a look that they put together. She encourages people to form their own style regardless of what other people think about them. In the end, it is about how each individual feels about herself wearing her makeup. This is one of the determining factors of how successful her company, Lime Crime is. She also posts pictures and encourages others to post pictures of their look with Lime Crime.

To know more about Doe Deere, check out

Doe Deere – The Woman Behind the Success of Lime Crime Cosmetics


There are very few female entrepreneurs who gain popularity on the Internet. Doe Deere has become a well-known name in the world of beauty. Often referred to as the Unicorn Queen, Ms. Deere has created a successful line of cosmetics under the Lime Crime brand name. Like many entrepreneurs, Doe started her career by creating her own fashions. She also held several management positions within the world of business. She was a woman with a dream who chose to act on her vision of creating a different type of cosmetic company, which made her a very successful business woman.

Inspiration and Productivity

Ms. Deere attributes her inspiration for her line of cosmetics to an earlier time when she sewed some of her own fashions. She began selling her cosmetics online, which provided her with an unlimited potential for customers. She chose to showcase the products she made available for sale by using color photographs of herself wearing the makeup she sold. This unusual technique proved to be exactly what was needed to help customers see the possibilities within the line of Lime Crime cosmetics.

Doe works very closely with her staff to ensure everyone is synchronized with the current projects. She meets with her Creative Director, President and VP regularly to make sure the company is utilizing the best strategies available for online marketing. Ms. Deere also believes in customer feedback, which is why she developed a branch for customer support. Staying in touch with her customers allows her to ensure their happiness with the products they purchase.

The Lime Crime Line

The products available in the Lime Crime line reflect the passion and imagination of its founder. Created to provide women with a broader color choice, the looks created using the various cosmetics are virtually limitless. The color photos found on the product’s website show just how imaginative some customers can be. The ability to mix and match the bright and bold colors found in the lines of eye shadows and lipsticks allows women to express their unique sense of individuality. This is in keeping with Ms. Deere’s own positive attitude about empowering women.

Not only does the line of Lime Crime cosmetics provide women with a way to express their individuality, but it also upholds some important values. Lime Crime cosmetics are stated as being vegan, because no animal products are used in their creation. The company also does not participate in animal testing for their products. The line of Lime Crime cosmetics is a direct statement on the beliefs upheld by its founder Doe Deere.

Doe Deere Doesn’t Abide by the Rules of Fashion

There is certainly no doubt in the minds of some individuals that fashion rules are things that should never be broken. In fact, these are the individuals that are quick to point out anyone who dares to bend the rules, not to mention the ones that decide to break them all together. With that being said, there are a few unique individuals that have a strong enough presence of mind to do their own thing when it comes to fashion. These people do not pay attention to the so called rules everyone else seems to consider to be hard and fast ordinances. Instead, these particular individuals make up their own rules as they go. They have decided that there is nothing wrong with expressing a unique personality through fashion. In order to do that, it is virtually impossible to abide by these so-called rules of fashion.

One of the most unique individuals in fashion is Doe Deere. By now, most people have heard of her and know her to be the brainchild of the unique cosmetics company Lime Crime. In order to understand the theory behind the fashion, it is necessary to understand the mindset of Doe Deere herself. The truth is, she grew up in a time when she desperately wanted to express her unique personality through vibrant colors in cosmetics and fashion alike, yet she was constantly told that she had to abide by these particular rules. She felt as though this stifled her creativity and in the process, it stifled her very personality. Eventually, she decided that she had had enough.

Deere finally decided that if she couldn’t find the cosmetic colors to go with vibrant fashion choices that she wanted, she would create them herself. In the process, she broke practically every rule of fashion that exists and she did it with grace and poise. Today, she sports all kinds of vibrant unnatural hair colors that are coupled with bold colors for eyes and lips that will certainly get your attention. She combines all of these things at one time, tossing many of the rules of fashion and looks to the wind in order to create her own unique style. Her goal is to show others that they too can create a style that is all their own without worrying about listening to fashion critics and other would be naysayers.

Fashion is one of those things that should always be in motion. More and more individuals are making the decision to let fashion be something that is guided by their own unique set of principles instead of following rules that someone else has set for them. This is just as it should be. People should have the right to create their own unique styles that reflect their particular personality as opposed to falling into a sea of individuals who are dressed exactly like they are, wearing the same cosmetics and sporting the same hair color. Fashion should be an extension of one’s personality and thanks to Doe Deere and her company Lime Crime, it is becoming exactly that.