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National Assemblyman Jose Manuel Gonzalez

Jose Manuel Gonzalez worked as a businessman in the agriculture industry for many years. He was president of an agricultural organization and while in that position he learned to listen to the needs of others. He has been involved in public service since that time and his vast experience is of great value to Venezuela. The agriculture industry is in a difficult situation at the present time according to Jose Manuel Gonzalez. It has been unable to produce as much as 500,000 tons of rice and 300,000 tons of corn. It also cannot exchange its goods at a good rate on the market. There is a roller coaster effect going on with the value of goods and it is not healthy for the local economy.

The assembly of Venezuela needs to understand what is happening in the agriculture industry. It was poorly managed by its administrators. The government adopted closed door policies that were loaded with flaws and turned a deaf ear to those who understood the problems. They made excuses about how the problem was not their responsibility and as a result, now the problem has gotten even bigger. These people are thieves who are stealing dollars from the Venezuelan people instead of trying to help. They are overbilling for services and pocketing cash through corruption schemes. There is a distortion in the value of goods and smuggling is going on as well and this has devastated Venezuela. Jose Manuel Gonzalez wants to put an end to the corruption so the nation’s economy can begin to heal.

There is a national state of insecurity which affects the agriculture industries ability to produce goods. This has always been a problem in nations that depend on agriculture. Guarico, the state that Jose Manuel Gonzalez represents is not safe because of massive vandalism and criminal activity that results from the poor economic conditions. Farmers are desperate and they have been forced to pay extortionate amounts of money to the local gangs. There are also kidnappings on a weekly basis and the people have no one to defend them. Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a man who wants to solve these problems.

Bob Reina: The Unselfish Man


It pains me to type this, but I wouldn’t be telling the truth if I didn’t, but we live in a me-first world and a world of “what have you done for me lately?” That is why people like Rob Reina are a diamond in the rough. They are looking to use their influence and their position for good and to help out people. He is even quoted as saying, “With great success comes greater responsibility” He understands that by having this success, it isn’t about how many toys or objects he can obtain. He realizes it is a chance to help out as many people as possible and that is what Bob does whenever he gets the chance.

Nothing puts a smile on his face more than when he can help someone out, offer a hand, or do something to make their lives easier. That was the whole genesis behind Talk Fusion, which is a company that is all about the modern businessman and businesswoman. Technology is out there and it is here to stay. He figured, why not make it easier for everyone? He has video emails, video conferences, and his company and products allow you to run your business the best way possible and as quickly as possible. You don’t have to worry about anything with Talk Fusion.

The key is focusing on your company, its growth, and reaching as many people as possible. Bob had this wonderful idea and it has blossomed into something that many people rely on and count on to operate their business the right way. Besides his product, Bob is also a great man, and you can find out more about all of his great work at the following website: You will be moved to tears when you hear about all of the donations and all of the good that he has done. Quite frankly, more people in position of power need to do this. Many people are in need and scared to ask for help. It is time to reach out to them and do all you can to help them out.



Charles Koch Launches Stand Together

Charles Koch has expanded his philanthropic campaign by launching Stand Together. It is a venture philanthropy organization that seeks to tackle deep-seated social problems and reinvigorate the civil society. It plans to do this by solving problems the poor have using institutions and organizations they have founded. It is a new approach given many rich corporates help by dictating to people what they want to be done.

Stand Together has been in the works for the last year but launched this year with a website and plans for this year. The first plan it intends to carry out is a team with Bob Woodson to continue his advocacy of training grass root leaders.

Stand together is the most last in a long list of philanthropist groups associated with Charles Koch that has for a long time fought the rights of the poor. Groups like Americans for Prosperity and Libre Initiative have been active in the America social fabric for a long time. They have contributed their fair share of transformation in the American social life. Stand Together is said will increase the proportion the Koch Brothers contributed to philanthropic causes outside the political core they are well known.

Since 1973, The Koch Brothers have fought hard to promote small government ideologies. It is an Idea shared by their father, Fred Koch. They have achieved this thinking through political donations and promoting libertarian policies and curriculum in schools. They reveal they plan to spend $ 900 million over the next year in political lobbying. Most of the money will go into preparing for the elections next year.

Stand together will be directed by Evans Feinberg. He will be assisted by Richard Fink, who was named as the most influential man in Charles Koch circle. Brian Hooks will serve in an advisory capacity. Brian is the head of Charles Koch Foundation and Charles Koch Institute.

Charles Koch is the CEO and president of Koch Industries. He has been in the business since 1950 when he took over. In 1962, it had a turnover of around $ 50 million annually. Today, Charles Koch has grown it to have over $ 110 billion annually.

Charles Koch is a graduate of MIT with a Ph.D. He is married to Liz, and they have four kids. Liz says they chose Wichita Kansas as their home because it is a great place to bring up children and do business.

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Michigan Family Gives $1.2 Billion Back to Local Community

Dick DeVos is an American businessman, politician, and successful entrepreneur who has not only improved his community in Michigan, but also has even more plans to create more foundations to assist educational, artistic, religious, as well as civic missions. Mr. DeVos is a strong and dedicated businessman who grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Dick even remembers his passion for business at an early age when he and his brother were constantly playing at his father’s office. DeVos and his brother started in the business profession at an early age and even were presenting products and giving speeches at an early age. 

Dick’s success truly began when he received a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the prestigious school of Northwood University. After Northwood University, DeVos continued on to attend classes of business at the Harvard University Business School. In addition to his prestigious education, DeVos was even honored with several honorable doctorates that came from Northwood University, Grove City College, Central Michigan University, as well as alumni recognition from Northwood University. 

DeVos’ spot on the 2012 richest individuals of 2012 is attributed to his hard work that started when he joined Amway Corporation in 1974. At this company, he help many positions in many different departments including research and development, manufacturing, marketing, sales, as well as finance. Just 10 years later, DeVos earned the position as one of the company’s vice presidents. With this responsibility, he had the responsibility to oversee production in 18 different countries and frequently gives talks to other companies about the success of his ventures during that time. To see his full resume, check out Dick’s LinkedIn profile.

Dick DeVos’ success has enabled him to became a part of several organizations including organizations that are geared towards supporting the arts. Mr. DeVos’ foundation, the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation has been continuously supporting an art competition that is known as ArtPrize since 2009. He and his wife also founded the first aviation high school in Michigan to give children the chance to succeed in aviation that may otherwise not have been able to afford such an education. In 2010, this foundation also donated 22.5 million dollars to the Kennedy Center Institute of Arts Management. This donation was reportedly the largest private donation in the Kennedy Center’s history. 

In addition to Dick’s dedication to supporting the arts, he created a scholarship foundation that was created in 2008. The intent of this foundation was to support student who are involved in MA, MS, or MBA programs. The scholarship is used at the Thunderbird School of Global Management for those who are from developing nations. DeVos and his wife’s dedication to philanthropy is constantly praised through not only the hours put in but also the money that is made through these foundations. He has been quite tight-lipped about the amount of money he and his family have given in the past, but recently they opened up in an interview with MLive and disclosed that they had collectively given over $1.2 billion dollars to charity throughout their lifetimes.

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