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Glen Wakeman harnessing the power of GE Capital

Glen Wakeman has used his business acumen to offer up his wealth of knowledge and insight to up and coming business owners and executives. He provides new business startups and executives with free insight through his popular social media platforms and his blog. His blog focuses on running a company successful (


Glen Wakeman has gained over twenty years of business experience and founded two companies that aimed to help new businesses and CEO’s strengthen their companies and brands. Glen Wakeman fills his blog with insight and wisdom from his experience, with the hope he can help businesses expand and grow their brand. Glen Wakeman told his followers in his blog that people see social media as a way to reach clients in the markets today but what they don’t understand, is that many can use these platforms as a tool and resource. Using these platforms, business owners can do research and target their audience to find the best messaging.


Glen Wakeman is best known for his company LaunchPad, which provides software that helps entrepreneurs turn their ideas into an executable plan. Glen Wakeman began his career with GE Capital. Over the course of his time with GE Capital, he was appointed CEO of GE Money Latin America. As CEO he oversaw 17,000 employees and $12 billion in assets. He operated in nine countries. Glen Wakeman has resided and worked all over the world including Europe, Asia and parts of South America. While at GE Capital, he oversaw operations in different regions of the world. As he gained exposure he became a notoriety as an accomplished writer, businessman and global leader.


While at GE Capital, Glen Wakeman was able to launch Nova Four, opening the door for him to make success possible. Glen Wakeman offers up his industry knowledge to his followers, so they can avoid serious pitfalls. Glen Wakeman is a man who loves a challenge. He’s now looking for his next one. Glen Wakeman urges up and coming business owners to stay in contact with every friend and acquaintances they make over the years, no matter how far away they may live from them.