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Eric Lefkofsky: CEO of Tempus

Hi-Tech Chronicle has recently done an online article about Tempus. Tempus is a data analytics startup that was founded in 2015 by Eric Lefkofsky. Tempus is specifically centered on acquiring data on cancer patients. They have recently partnered up with CancerLinQ, which gave them a huge leap in their information. With this partnership, they gained access to around 600,000 patients. This allows them to collect data from various different types of people. Types of people meaning varying genetic codes for example. Having such varied data can also help with personalized treatment, which is what Tempus and CancerLinQ intend to accomplish.

Eric Lefkofsky, as a native of Detroit, Michigan, attended the University of Michigan. While attending this University, he acquired his law degree by 1993. He has been involved in and worked with various peers and companies. Today, he is most known for his involvement in Groupon, a worldwide e-commerce marketplace, as the Chairman and as the Cofounder and CEO of Tempus.

As it was stated before, Tempus is a data analytics startup, which, in simpler terms, just means a corporation that collects data and reviews and analyzes the data. In order for this to be carried out successfully, they needed multiple oncologists from multiple facilities to provide the patient information. The data they are collecting is information on cancer patients DNA and RNA patterns. Gathering this data allows them to predict and carry out more impactful treatments for cancer patients. Since there are so many people in their system, they are able to compare each DNA and RNA sequence of new patients to older patients. From there, they can figure the best treatment for the patient based off of what seemed to work best, or what they found did not work for the prior patient.

This advanced, molecular-based technology can lead to groundbreaking discoveries in the medical field and towards oncology in particular. They have made it possible for oncologists do offer their patients a more specialized plan of care already. With these developments from Tempus, the technology and medical expertise could lead us to answers we’ve been waiting for.

About Eric:

Daniel Mark Harrison: A Success Story

Cryptocurrency is fast becoming the in thing among investors and the larger financial community worldwide. Daniel Mark Harrison is a name that stands out not just in the financial world but also in the business world.

Harrison has a Bachelor’s degree in Theology from Oxford University, a masters’ degree in Business administration from BI Norwegian business school, and a Journalism masters’ degree from New York University. With all this knowledge on his back, he has built an incredible career making tremendous achievements in almost all business-related sectors.
Mr. Harrison is known for his endless list of abilities as an entrepreneur, author, journalist, business man among many others. He has featured in interviews on major channels such as Reuters, CNN and Bloomberg. He has also contributed articles that have been featured in publications like, portfolio magazine, the daily dot, Forbes, and the wall street journal.
He holds the position of Chairman and CEO of Daniel Mark Harrison & Co. Ltd. He manages his own assets along with those of his family. He hails from the renowned ‘Harrison & Sons’ family that has for years been involved in money-printing business before it was acquired by De La Rue. He now holds offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Bangkok.
Daniel Mark Harrison is also the current managing partner in Monkey Capital, a firm involved in block chain investment. The firm made headlines in creating crowdfunding options, to become a leader in the financial sector.
The youthful Daniel Mark Harrison has aroused the financial sector by bringing in a fresh, never seen before perspective. Leading successful projects that have attracted so much attention in such little time, Mr. Harrison has made notable gains by investing in Blockchain cryptocurrency.
Now, Monkey Capital is a company of high international standards, and looking to further expand its functions throughout the world. Daniel Mark Harrison explained that his partner company gave out COEVAL tokens to friends and family aiming to popularize the concept. He explained to investors on how this work led to a huge increase in pricing. This is the man to watch in the coming future financial times.

Louis Chenevert Instilled Lasting Values at United Technologies

The legacy that Louis Chenevert left at United Technologies Corporation is unmatched in the business world. He laid a lasting foundation that has maintained the firm at the top to date and for years to come. His bachelor’s degree in production management earned from Université de Montréal, École des Hautes études commerciales (HEC) has played a major role in his successful career.

His Appointment

Louis Chenevert joined UTC in the early 90s, working for its business arm, Pratt & Whitney Canada. His impressive work led to his appointment to the post of the President responsible for the whole business division of Pratt & Whitney in 1999. Seven years later, he rose to the position of the CEO and President of United Technologies Corporation. Louis got down to work immediately after his appointment and went on to mark tremendous achievements.

His Drive

When taking up the top position at UTC, Louis Chenevert had the vision of leaving the place better than it was before his tenure. He knew he would achieve the dream by investing in technology and human resource. According to him, technology can take an organization far while the right human resource can take it further. UTC is known to empower its staffs through education under the Employee Scholar Program. More than a billion dollars has gone into catering for education fees of more than 40000 employees over the years. Louis always steered the company towards adopting modern technology that he believed could give the company a global competitive edge.

Remarkable Achievements

One of the most remarkable achievements of Louis Chenevert at UTC remains the successful negotiations and ultimate acquisition of Goodrich. In just a year as the head of the firm, he closed the $18.4 billion deal. His other notable attainment was winning a contract to supply the F-35 engine for US Air Force. Chenevert also played an active role in the development and marketing of Geared Turbofan (GTF) engine by Pratt & Whitney.

About Louis Chenevert

Prior to joining UTC, Louis Chenevert had worked at General Motors for over ten years. He was in charge of St. Therese operation as the Production General Manager. He resigned from UTC in 2014. Currently, he is engaged as the Exclusive Advisor at Goldman Sachs’ merchant banking branch.

Helane Morrison Took No Prisoners As Head Of The San Francisco SEC Office

The US Securities Exchange Commission once had one of the most vigilant watch dogs in the San Francisco area in the last decade, Helane Morrison. Morrison currently is the General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer at Hall Capital Partners, but spent years practicing law and bringing lawsuits against when necessary against big corporations. As head of San Francisco’s SEC office, she won cases in court against companies committing fraud, backdating their stocks, and using loopholes to avoid legal consequences for various transactions. Morrison was always tenacious in her fight for justice and is proud of her time spent at the SEC.


She started back when she got her degree at Northwestern University in journalism, and then later went to law school at the University of California at Berkley. She became interested in finance law while she clerked for both the Hon. Richard Posner at the US Court of Appeals Seventh Circuit, and then later Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun. Both men had a profound impact on Morrison, and she formed much of her beliefs from her time observing the litigation of various matters. Morrison became a full-time lawyer with Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin law firm in 1986, and in five years was promoted to partner status. She started becoming an accomplished legal expert during this time, helping to bring financial predators to justice and winning several lawsuits. In 1998 she started working for the SEC.


Helane Morrison began as a local manager, then became District Administrator and then Regional Director by the time she stepped down from the SEC. But by the time she left, the SEC had become a place where not only small unknown companies were prosecuted, but big companies too. Morrison didn’t just want to prosecute criminals, she also wanted to help restore the reputation of good investment professionals. So she joined Hall Capital in 2007, a company whose CEO and other executives are female. Morrison loves this firm not only because of its culture, but because it is dedicated to upholding honesty and integrity with its clients. As Chief Compliance Officer, Morrison overseas all activities and makes sure they fall within the boundaries of securities laws.


Flavio Maluf Comments on the Looming Impact of Brexit



Flavio Maluf says that Brexit may have some serious ramifications for Brazil’s economy. Flavio Maluf is a man would definitely know about this sort of thing. He currently serves as the president of Eucatex, a very influential Brazilian company primarily concerned with environmentally sound furniture and construction. His family owns and runs Eucatex, but he spent some time working for other businesses. He started out working for Eucatex in 1987. Then he left to attend and graduate from Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation in Sao Paulo.

Then he attended and graduated from the New York University with a degree in administration. He afterwards worked in various business positions, before joining the executive team of Eucatex in 1996. In addition to being the current president of Eucatex, he also serves as president of Grandfood Group. In 2010, he was instrumental in the opening of a new Eucatex plant at Salto in Sao Paulo to match its factory in Botucatu. Flavio Maluf is also highly involved in charity donations and work. Eucatex has been going strong when it was founded in 1951 as the first Brazilian company to utilize eucalyptus in the production of tiles and ceiling panels.

It remains absolutely dedicated to environmentalism. Its Environmental Education Program seeks to help students and groups involved in conservation. Flavio Maluf has been so successful leading Eucatex ever upward that experts estimate that he will profit the company by around R$ 10.7 million by 2014. By that time, the Eucatex market is estimated to have risen by 30%. And Flavio Maluf is not the only good leader at Eucatex. It has been blessed with many.  That gives him more time to provide brilliant advice columns, or to comment on major mergers like the recent Jaden corp acquisition.

Keith Mann, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Keith Mann, pilot, animal activist, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. He is a forward thinking, daring man who isn’t afraid to take risks when he believes it’s the right thing to do. He is passionate, caring, and unwavering in his dedication to his causes. Whether this entails work he’s done through Dynamics Search Partners (DSP), his righteous actions to stop animal abuse, or supporting the NYPD in times of distress, he shows his love for all life through bettering the world at both great personal cost and leading by example.
While some people carry a negative opinion about anyone who has found success, even the most skeptical would find it hard to hold a grudge against a man who has gone to such great lengths to provide possibilities to underprivileged, kindness to those under pressure, and a voice for those in need.
Founder and CEO of DSP, a firm that brings only the best talent to its clients, he has shown his support of DSP and Uncommon Schools’ partnership by following up with a personal touch. He and his wife have created their own scholarship, the Keith Mann and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement, to further help low-income students find their own success in life.
It’s not all business for Keith Mann. With family on the force and in light of the public’s recent feelings on police, he has donated lunches to the 54th precinct on more than one occasion. In a similar vein of kindness, while helping to evacuate people from Fort McMurray during a wildfire, he elected to overlook a few rules so that these scared, displaced souls could bring along their beloved pets.
There is an old adage, ‘make the world you want to live in’. While not a direct quote, I can think of no other that is so well suited for this man. He will be remembered for the marks he’s made in so many people’s lives, whether it was a show of support, an act of kindness, or a seemingly impossible opportunity.