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The Success of Jorge Moll in the Field of Neurology

The research conducted indicates that giving has many benefits associated with the virtue. Giving can be expressed in terms of charities and volunteering time.

Giving brings happiness to our lives. Research done by Jorge Moll identified that giving brings more happiness as compared to acquiring items for oneself. Another investigation done by Jorge Moll found out that giving influence the part of the brain that brings pleasure .the action results in a positive feeling (ResearchGate). Giving enhance healthy life. Giving improves the health of people who are suffering from chronic illness. Jorge Moll established in his research that the elderly people who volunteer in life are likely to live longer than non-volunteers. Giving reduces the stress which normally brings a lot of health problems.

Giving encourages social connection and harmony in the society. Jorge Moll established that the person who gives is likely to receive the reward in future. The act strengthens the relationship in the society. The social ties also improve mental and physical health. Giving is one form of showing gratitude. Gratitude is essential in evoking happiness and healthy life. Promoting gratitude in the college students makes them be optimistic and live better lives. Jorge Moll found out in his research that expressing gratitude strengthens bonds among the romantic partners. Giving attitude can be transferred from one person to another. When one gives, he or she spurs the attitude of generosity on the society. Giving induces the release of oxytocin which elicits warm feelings and promotes social connection. Giving, volunteering or donating brings a lot of benefits which necessary for healthy living.

Jorge Moll has done extensive research which attempts to explore issues that pertain to neurology. He was enrolled at Federal Rio De Janeiro University to pursue a master’s degree in Public Health. Jorge Moll obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Sao Paulo. Jorge Moll has published many articles in the field of neurology. The outcomes of his research have helped in managing brain dysfunction and treating people with the disorder. Jorge Moll is currently the senior researcher and the president of IDOR. Jorge Moll has also researched moral cognition and how they influence human behavior.

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