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Political Leanings Mean Little To Activist Thor Halvorssen

The human rights activist Thor Halvorssen is a man who has decided achieving his aims within the activism community means he must go his own way in life. The Venezuelan born activist has recently been working from the New York base of his Human Rights Foundation, but still finds the time to make sure his feelings about dictators around the world are well known. Unlike his contemporaries Thor Halvorssen has been outspoken in his criticism of socialist governments in Cuba and his native Venezuela, regarding any government robbing its citizens of human rights as a target for his ire.

During the 2016 U.S. Presidential cycle Thor Halvorssen decided he had to speak up in a bid to bring the truth about the human rights records of the main candidates for the leading parties to the attention of a public who were largely unaware of them. Halvorssen not only declared his own inability to back either Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton because of their association with human rights abusing governments, but also drew attention to the humanitarian crisis growing over the summer of 2016 in his home country of Venezuela.

Halvorssen has looked for many different ways of making sure the public had information about public figures who have close ties to tyrannical figureheads. Trips taken by celebrities, including Hilary Swank, Lionel Messi, and Nicki Minaj taken to perform for or appear with dictators have been the subject of open letters Halvorssen published with leading news outlets.

The approach taken by Thor Halvorssen does not always follow that of his more traditional contemporaries in the human rights activism field, but the results he achieves show how successful he has been. The film producer does not believe governments should be allowed to get away with robbing individuals of their human rights because they have a socialist political leaning. Instead, Thor Halvorssen believes any dictator or tyrant should be brought to account for the crimes they have committed.

This Buzzfeed article is another good resource for learning about Thor Halvorssen’s endeavors.

Woke Twitter Racial Comments

Woke Twitter forwarded to Cape Town, Africa, the prejudiced assertions made by Penny Sparrow, Chris Hart and Justin van Vuuren last Sunday.

Reverberation of the racially motivated discussion in Twittersphere was perceived throughout the universe.

This incited Chris Hart’s suspension as analyst by Standard Bank and all three individuals have,charges of discrimination initiated against them. Woke Twitter has become a fastidious operation which deserves scrutiny. Woke Twitter is indicative of being culturally and nationally cognizant. This phrase surfaced by global developments #BlackLivesMatter in the U.S. and #RhodesMustFall crusade activated by Twitter.

The definition of “woke” means seeing through the extensive publicity and becoming keenly attentive to “real issues” as well as confronting sex and gender held criticism, and expands further past the race boundary.

Woke Twitter attacks social media users who deem to exhibit modes of racism or gender discrimination. Their directive is renouncing sequential reference of the country as a Rainbow Nation, and conclude radical process must take place against those who stand in the path of conversion.

Twitter assemblage is becoming more extensive with hash bags that link hundreds of thousands of users to current issues. These Twitter advocates are creating real world effects with objectivity not only for confronting public affront, but even face the fear of losing their jobs.

The constitution defines that everyone has the privilege to exercise their human right with the stipulation,that the rights of others are not breached.

According to prominent legal analyst Brenda Wardle, Penny Sparrow’s right to freedom of speech encroached on the basic right to human decorum. In other words,she unlawfully flawed and tarnished the gentility of black people using racially abhorrent verbal terminology.

Brenda Wardle is a respected South African legal analyst and author. She possesses three law degrees and others. She is a deemed authority on human rights with justice for all, and she has been highlighted in various publications.

She wrote a novel that is broadly based on her life and impressive legal career. She is set to release the book entitled To Kill A Fragile Rose, which is based on The State’s Case Against Oscar Pistorius.

She is frequently invited to participate in speaking in front of colleagues and law students to share her immense knowledge and expertise in law.

Brenda Wardle continues to hold the esteemed position of COO at the Wardle College of Law where she is cementing her legacy of excellence.

Watch Brenda Wardle discuss the Oscar Pistorius trial