Oldschoo’ Review – The Story of Ricky

September 17, 2011 By: Johnny Category: Oldschoo' Review


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  1. Kumashijex says:

    hey nice vid its really long. i dont care how long it is though it rox. how is there no comments here wtf this is so good . to take action imma share this :D

    • I’m glad you liked it!

      This was my first attempt at a movie review. I filmed it years ago, long before I ever had this site. Frankly, I still enjoy it to this day, and I’m glad you did too.

      Yeah, it’s pretty long. Way to long for most people to actually watch. And if I were to do it all over again, I would probably condense it down. But you know what? I have a ton of fun making it! And that’s why I do this: to have fun!

      So if you liked it, and if you like any of my other reviews, by all means share them around. My goal is to quit my job and someday run this site for a living so I can provide people with entertainment full time. That is my passion. But that won’t be possible without the support of fans like you.

      Thanks again for the supportive comment, and stay tuned for my latest movie review. It will be up in the next day or so.

  2. This review is so hilarious just like the movies storyline, and the only reason
    I could think of why Ricky would let himself get taken to prison is maybe because the warden was some sort of criminal mastermind and was hold people hostage in his retarded prison and they were … not … actual criminals. huh, i think the movie is leaving and imprint on me ha ha, ya i can’t think of anything to even help the movie look at least somewhat decent an awesome review, and kumashijex (my lil’ bro) referred this video, it didn’t feel as long as it was though but who cares it rocked ^_^

  3. Hey man great review. dont worry about the length of these reviews because i watch them like the condensed version of the movie. i know that should seem obvious but you do a great job of keeping me entertained, highlighting all the entertaining parts and saving the 1 and half hour of my life i would lose if i actually took the time to watch these god awful movies. KEEP IT UP

    Dean Boi

  4. Great review, I’d love to know what is needed to review movies in terms of equipment, copyright, scripts etc… However in relation to this review there was only one problem… It’s Chineese, the charachters are Chineese, the names are Chineese, the film is made in a very Chineese way (I suspect) as a cash in on Bruce Lee… but other than that, great job.

  5. You mentioned earlier that you thought this review ran way too long. Since it never stopped being funny I don’t think that’s true. One thing you could do though is to break up the review into 20-30 minute parts if you think you are going to run long. That way people won’t have to work around their busy schedule of jacking it to catch the entire review. Just a thought. Hell I don’t even really script my reviews so take anything I say with a grain of salt.

    • I definitely should have split that review up into two parts. *chuckles* But hey, it was my first attempt at a movie review. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, and it shows. I mean, I still like the review, I think the jokes are good, but I sound like I just woke up for the entire thing. Hell, it was a few years ago. Maybe I did, hehe.

      These days I try to keep my stuff below 30 minutes, and closer to 22. But if I have a lot to say, I say it all, and I don’t worry about time too much. Some people have told me that they only want to see 10-20 minute reviews. Well, that’s fine. I understand. People have short attention spans. But for me personally, I don’t watch cable TV. I mostly watch user created content on my computer. And quite frankly, I don’t care if someone like Spoony makes a review that 2 hours long; as long as it’s entertaining, I’ll watch it. Hell, I must have watched his entire Phantasmogoria playthrough at least three times now.

      Also, you should try scripting a review sometime. I never used to script my old episodes of “WTF?”, but the moment I did, the change was like night and day. Not saying it will be for you as well, but you might find that you like the finished product you create using a script.

      By the way, as I’m writing this, I’m watching the first part of your Kill Bill episode. You have a great reviewer voice. There’s a lot of people out there who sound forced, who’s voice isn’t clear, or who talk like they’re just reading, but you actually talk like you’re addressing an audience.

      Do you ever make an actual appearance on camera in your reviews? Because if not, you should. If you’re good on mic, you’ll probably be good on camera too. (I guess I could watch the rest of your reviews and find out myself, but I obviously won’t have time to watch all of them tonight.)

      I’ll give you some more feedback though after I’ve watched some more of your stuff, which I will, because I’m quite enjoying this so far.

  6. Nemesis says:


    Just found your site. I work in IT and today is a dull day. I have been sitting here at work, watching your reviews all day. I dig your style and your humor. Dude, keep it up. Thanks!

    • Glad I could keep you entertained during a dreary day of IT work. Nothing better than collecting a few extra bucks at work while surfing the ol’ interwebs. Although I feel bad that you actually watched this review. *laughs* It was my first ever attempt at a movie review, and sweet lord does it ever show. I’ve come a long way since then in terms of production values, but hey, I guess I had to start somewhere.

      Anyways, I hope you had as much fun watching my nonsense as I did making it. I have big plans for the site, and hope to be able to entertain you for years to come.

  7. RocMegamanX says:

    You should know that “effeminate” prisoner was in fact played by a woman.

    A Japanese actress named Yukari Oshima, as a matter of fact.

    A bit of an FYI.

  8. I love this review and i also like the movie. I mean its really dumb, over the top and crazy but that what makes it entertaining. But i still dont get how Ricky got his superhuman strenght.

    Oh, did you know that in the german version Dr. Claw ask Oscar if he wants some Drugs. So he heeps Drugs in his Eye. Still extremly fucked up ^^

    You Rock Johnny!

    • It always makes me smile when someone watches one of my old videos and actually likes it. Thanks for the kind words. :)

      And I guess it would make sense that Dr Claw would keep drugs in his eye. I think most of the people involved in making this movie were on drugs. And the movie sure makes a lot more sense if you’re on drugs while you watch it! *laughs* It really is a great movie though. So cheesy. And I absolutely love the over the top gore. That meat grinder death at the end is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen.

      I’ll still always wonder though…why did the warden’s gun make people explode?

      • Maybe he stole that gun from toontown, thats why it doesnt need make any sense XD

        • Hahaha, I’m so glad you’ve seen that movie. The part where Eddie loads up that giant cartoon revolver was always my favorite scene as a kid. I always thought to myself though, “Aww man, that Indian bullet was the most powerful one, and he just wasted it! He should have saved it for later!!”

  9. Yossarian says:

    When I saw this review, I wondered what the hell was up with the gun, too! Well, through diligence, perseverance, and not a little OCD, I found the original manga online. Apparently, the bullets in the gun are filled with compressed gas, so when the warden shoots people, the gas is released, expands, and then explosions and shit.

    This review is one of my favorites on here, just for the sheer insanity of it. And as a side note, I actually bought this movie because of this review. It is glorious!


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