Dr. Mark Holterman: Medical Renaissance Man

“Tirelessly” is a word you hear often in connection with Dr. Mark Holterman. Surgeon, professor, entrepreneur: Dr. Holterman has done it all in a career spanning four decades.


Raised on a Wisconsin farm, Mark grew up without a college tradition in his family. Nevertheless, he proved himself exceptionally bright and earned his way into the Ivy League, attending Yale University. After graduating in biology, Mark attended medical school at the University of Virginia at Arlington. There, he applied himself tirelessly becoming a pediatrician. He also applied himself to winning over a beautiful surgeon named Ai-Xuan; they married in 1988.


Ai-Xuan love of surgery imbued Mark with a determination to do more with his pediatric training and he became a pediatric surgeon. After his residency ended, Mark and Ai-Xuan (soon to be joined by sons Nathan, Alex, and Isaac) relocated to Seattle where Mark served as a fellow in the pediatric surgery unit of University of Washington’s Children’s Hospital and Medical Center.


Never one to sit back and relax, Mark soon accepted an offer to do medical research work abroad, and spent the next two years in Montreal. It was here that Mark became fascinated with regenerative medicine and the possibilities of stem cell research.


After returning to an illustrious career in the United States–where Dr. Holterman served as Attending Pediatric Surgeon, Surgeon in Chief–Mark decided to empower the next generation of surgeons. For the next 20 years, in addition to his surgeon duties, Mark taught at University of Illinois, eventually becoming the Chief of Division of Pediatric Surgery (TheNewsVersion).


After retiring, Dr. Mark Holterman didn’t sit still for long. He maintains two medical offices, and started his own investment firm, Mariam Global Health. This fascinating group targets impact innovators; individuals and companies who are really blazing the trail in healthcare biotechnology. Mark has a lot of runway ahead of him, and one thing is for sure: whatever he puts his mind to, he does it tirelessly.

More about Dr. Mark Holterman at https://interview.net/dr-mark-holterman/

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