Eric Lefkofsky: CEO of Tempus

Hi-Tech Chronicle has recently done an online article about Tempus. Tempus is a data analytics startup that was founded in 2015 by Eric Lefkofsky. Tempus is specifically centered on acquiring data on cancer patients. They have recently partnered up with CancerLinQ, which gave them a huge leap in their information. With this partnership, they gained access to around 600,000 patients. This allows them to collect data from various different types of people. Types of people meaning varying genetic codes for example. Having such varied data can also help with personalized treatment, which is what Tempus and CancerLinQ intend to accomplish.

Eric Lefkofsky, as a native of Detroit, Michigan, attended the University of Michigan. While attending this University, he acquired his law degree by 1993. He has been involved in and worked with various peers and companies. Today, he is most known for his involvement in Groupon, a worldwide e-commerce marketplace, as the Chairman and as the Cofounder and CEO of Tempus.

As it was stated before, Tempus is a data analytics startup, which, in simpler terms, just means a corporation that collects data and reviews and analyzes the data. In order for this to be carried out successfully, they needed multiple oncologists from multiple facilities to provide the patient information. The data they are collecting is information on cancer patients DNA and RNA patterns. Gathering this data allows them to predict and carry out more impactful treatments for cancer patients. Since there are so many people in their system, they are able to compare each DNA and RNA sequence of new patients to older patients. From there, they can figure the best treatment for the patient based off of what seemed to work best, or what they found did not work for the prior patient.

This advanced, molecular-based technology can lead to groundbreaking discoveries in the medical field and towards oncology in particular. They have made it possible for oncologists do offer their patients a more specialized plan of care already. With these developments from Tempus, the technology and medical expertise could lead us to answers we’ve been waiting for.

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