Anthony Petrello Continues to Be Humble and Kind Despite His Success

     Anthony Petrello was born in New York and moved to Houston. He has a great academic history, with two mathematics degrees from Yale University and a law degree from New York. He quickly adapted to his new job when he decided to go into the oil industry. He started working six or seven days a week. His wife was a former actress, also from New York, and she also quickly adapted to the new situation.

Anthony Petrello’s life changed when their daughter was born. She was born too early, and she developed a condition that stopped oxygen from flowing to her brain. Anthony’s expectations and focus changed right then. He decided to put a great focus on making sure that his daughter succeeds.

Anthony’s daughter served as a source of inspiration and motivation for him. He realized that we have a short time on this earth, and he decided to make a difference during his time on this earth. He looked into various treatments for his daughter and her condition, which is cerebral palsy, but was greatly disappointed with what he saw as a lack of options. He decided to help fund research so that children would be able to live a better life.

Anthony found it outstanding that there was such a lack of information about his daughter’s condition. After assessing the situation, Anthony decided that someone needs to do something about it. He found some other people who felt the same way. The team at Texas Children’s Hospital also wanted to do something to help. Anthony envisioned a research center that would conduct research and discover new ways of helping children. He realized that while it may not make such a difference in the life of his daughter, it may end up making a difference in the lives of countless children. Anthony decided to donate seven million dollars towards this project.

Anthony Petrello has always been humble. In addition, he became more humbled by going through the experience with his daughter. His former roommate at university remembers Anthony as a very humble and kind guy. When he realized that he became a top CEO, he contacted him for an interview. Anthony continued to be humble about his success.

Anthony Petrello is the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries. Nabors is the biggest drilling contractor out there, with oil companies hiring them to dig their wells.

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