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Matt Badiali’s Quest for Successful Investments in Natural Resources

     The renowned environmental consultant and geologist, Matt Badiali is a graduate of Penns State University. Matt Badiali graduated with a distinction in Earth science and later joined Florida Atlantic University for postgraduate studies in Geology.

These college experiences equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills that he’d need once he entered into the cooperate world. Indeed, he has accomplished great success since the beginning of his career. Matt Badiali is also a renowned investor and a successful financial analyst. Some of the sectors that he has invested with include agriculture, natural resource sectors and much more.

Additionally, Matt Badiali also conducts research and reclaims depleted mines. Besides, he also renovates and revives abandoned mineral sites and uses them as investments. He owns quite a number of mines which earns his additional income. Some of the countries that he has been to for purposes of coming up with findings for his research include Hong Kong, Papua New Guinea, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Turkey, Iraq and so on. During his adventurous travelling experiences, Matt Badiali managed to gather enough geological data from various drilling companies. He used these pieces of information to draw conclusions that have assisted many upcoming mining industries and their investors. Of all his ventures, investing in natural resource industries has been his most lucrative source of revenue.

Having gathered expert knowledge in geology and finance, Matt Badiali earned himself a position as a senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishers. His contributions to the growth of the company have been majorly through Real Wealth Strategies. In this business magazine, he has published different articles that target different readers. But above all, he avails his readers with articles free of charge and this generous approach has assisted many with knowledge on investments especially in natural resources.

What’s more is the way he details his experiences and accomplishments as a geologist coupled with financial advice. This has acted as motivation to a variety of investors hence challenging them to improve their business operations and also find profit-making investments. Thereupon, most of them have evaded loses that business tag along if one fails to strategize and make credible decisions before venturing into any investment. Consequently, natural resource investors have grown to create real wealth with their companies.

In a nutshell, Matt Badiali has greatly been an ambassador of success to many investors as well as an honourable contributor to the economy of his country. However, he has accomplished enormous success as an individual.

Sheldon Lavin’s Excellent Leadership of OSI Industries

Sheldon Lavin has worked in the food processing industry for more than 40 years, and he is, therefore, an authority in the industry. Before joining the food processing industry, he worked in the financial services industry for more than 15 years. He studied business, accounting and finance, and that is why he started out in the financial services industry. Sheldon is an alumnus of the University of Illinois, Northwestern University and Roosevelt University. He had a financial consulting business, Sheldon Lavin and Associates, Inc. and he ran it successfully for a long time. Therefore, by the time he joined OSI Industries, he had learnt a lot about running a business.

Sheldon is currently the CEO of OSI Industries. He is also the chairman of the board of directors. He joined OSI in 1970, and at that time, it was a small family business known as Otto & Sons, Inc. Sheldon has led OSI from strength to strength and transformed it into an international company. However, he strives to retain the family culture of the business even though it is no longer a family business. This gives all the employees of the company a sense of belonging.

Under his leadership, OSI has received several awards, not just for excellent business performance but also for environmental sustainability. Sheldon also received a personal award in 2016 for his visionary leadership. He still has grand plans for the future of OSI Industries. He invests a lot in research and development to ensure that the company continues growing and making great strides in the industry.

Sheldon cares about his employees and the society as a whole. This is what makes him different from other business executives who will do anything to advance their own interests, even if it means harming the environment or oppressing their employees. Mr. Lavin also loves giving back to the community and supports several non-profit organizations. He serves on the board of trustees of the Ronald McDonald House Charities, which he has supported for a long time, and The Sheba Foundation.


At 83 years of age, Sheldon Lavin still plays an active role in the management of OSI Industries. This is a big deal considering that most people his age would rather just stay at home and hire people to run their businesses for them. It is his relentless spirit and commitment to providing OSI’s clients with excellent products and services that keeps him going.

Fabletics: Winning with Members

For decades, companies revered the opinions of their customers. It’s where the slogan: “the customer is always right” comes from. Now, companies revere customer opinions more than ever. With a consumer behavior trend called crowd-sourced reviews, customers have the power to persuade fellow shoppers whether to purchase a product or service.

As the economy relies more on technology, consumers are using the internet to research products before they buy. That means that companies no longer have the ability to persuade their customers like they used to. More people place their faith in customer reviews rather than traditional advertisements.

What it really comes down to is trust. Consumers no longer trust traditional advertisements as much as they used to. With the adoption of user reviews, consumers can get firsthand descriptions of the quality of products and services. This makes customers feel better about their purchase before they buy.

As a result, the markets became more competitive. Companies go out of their way to make customers feel special, in the hopes of creating a return customer. This also allows savvier brands, like Fabletics, to compete with dominating brands that have controlled the market for so long. In fact, many of the executives at Fabletics thank user reviews for the company’s success.

Making the customers feel special is what Fabletics is all about. Fabletics uses a subscription mechanic to sell directly to its members. It also uses an array of activities and events to get to know its members’ personal style preferences.

Its premise is simple: offer on-trend fashion at affordable prices. As an added bonus, Fabletics has a team of fashion experts that select items they believe each member will like. Every month, every member gets a personalized list of items that fit their style preference. Features like this attracted over one million monthly members.

For Fabletics, members’ happiness is the most important victory. Fabletic’s designers spend countless hours ensuring that every woman can find something she loves at Fabletics. They make items in all sizes from XXS to 3X, which is extremely rare for an activewear brand.

In fact, the countless styles Fabletics has are why most members love the brand. Even some of the reviewers challenge their fellow members to not find something they’ll love. For women who want to see what styles Fabletics has, they can take Fabletic’s lifestyle quiz.

The award-winning journalist and Editor Jeff Yastin

     Yastin is not a regular editor at Banyan Hull Publishing; he is a seasoned journalist and an experienced investor in stock markets. Before joining Banyan, he had worked for over 20 years as a reporter and as a specialist in stock market investment. At Banyan, he is the editor of Total Wealth Insider. When he joined Banyan in 2015, he worked as the editorial director. As a journalist, he specialized in financial journalism relating to top world financial reports. Jeff is a weekly contributor to Banyan Hill Sovereign Investor Daily and the Winning Investor Daily.

Jeff has helped investors get a deeper understanding of profitable business opportunities, economic patterns, and monetary trends. While working at PBS as an anchor of the Nightly Business Report, Jeff was nominated for the Emmy award. He interviewed many, and through the interviews, he learned many investing secrets from the most successful persons in the world. Among the people he interviewed during his time at PBS include Warren Buffet, Sir Richard Branson, and Michael Dell among other top figures in the financial markets. He worked at PBS from 1994 to 2010.

With his well informed and well-researched reports, he helped many investors identify profitable opportunities in the agricultural sector, pharmaceutical and in the stock investment arenas. He particularly warned real estate investors to get through the severe crisis that came with the dot-com bubble in 2008.

Apart from working as a financial and stock market journalist, Jeff was a key person in major national events. Some of the events which he covered include; the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, the influence of foreign automakers as they set up new manufacturing plants in the Southeastern US region and the financial effects of hurricane Catrina in 2005. He also covered the historic handover of the Panama Canal that happened in 1999. He has been to Cuba two time; in 1994 and 2003. In both cases, he reported on the role of foreign investors in Cuba’s economy.

In 2007, Jeff was nominated for a Business Emmy Award when he reported on America’s Underfunded system of public infrastructure such as roads and bridges among others. In 2002, he won the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants’ Excellence in Financial Journalism Award together with other NBR journalists.

Today, Jeff has published several articles addressing financial matters in the current society. Some of the pieces include; ‘Buy This Navy SEAL-Approved Investment’ and another one titled ‘When This Happens, Start Panicking. He has continued to enlighten people on different financial matters.