Betsy DeVos Stewardship and Service

Parents always have a great impact on their children. This is true in the story of Betsy DeVos because her parents, a number of years ago made a great impact of teaching her stewardship. She also learnt the need to support worthy courses in the community. Betsy also learnt the need to educate others and teach them subjects like art. Over the years, she has been passionate about bringing radical changes in the education sector and fighting for justice and good leadership. Betsy and her husband Dick DeVos have highlighted that they are ‘following the footsteps of their parents.’

Philanthropy work

Betsy has been passionate about education, which has led her to start education centers such as West Michigan Aviation Academy, ArtPrize and American Federation for Children. She has also sponsored other initiatives in health care such as Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital Pediatric Oncology Program. Her foundation has also funded Success Academy Charter Schools, The Potter’s House School and Alliance for School Choice.

The philanthropy work has also been extended to universities and colleges. One of them includes University of Maryland College Park Foundation. The School Missionary Aviation, Ferris State University, Daveport University are some of the other institutions that have received help from the foundation. The foundation has also given over $100 million from 1999 to date. Betsy DeVos has been influential in supporting over 33 public schools where 250,000 students are in 17 states. Betsy is also passionate about tearing down a system of education where students are assigned schools just because of the zip code of their home location. With her new appointment as the education secretary, much is on the waiting list. This is because many people believe she will spur even more growth and changes in the education sector.

Background of Betsy

In 1958, an unstoppable education champion was born and given the name Elisabeth Prince. She was the daughter of Elsa and Edgar Prince. She attended Holland Christian High School near her home in Michigan. Later, she earned a bachelor degree of Business Administration and Political Science from Calvin College, Michigan. She became a member of Christian Reformed Church. Betsy DeVos is happily married to Dick DeVos and together they have three children.

Today, she is the choice of United States President Donald Trump for the position of the secretary of education. Her passion for education has given her the opportunity to touch the world. Together with her family, she is valued at $5.3 billion net worth. However, a real value would be placed on the education changes she has been able to implement. More worth still is in the donations made throughout her philanthropy work. The 59 year old education mogul spearheads American Federation for Children. Previously, Betsy DeVos was the leader of Foundation for Excellence in Education.

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