FreedomPop Review Brings Zero Cost Calling for Users

These days just about everyone is on the Internet doing research, playing games or talking with others via text or social media, but truly free Internet providers are few and far between. That’s why FreedomPop, a fairly new free Internet and mobile phone service provider, has been turning heads the past five years.

When you sign up for FreedomPop services, you can get up to 200 free voice minutes and unlimited free texting, as well as up to 500 megabytes of free 4G data service. Plus, there are no contracts, no cancellation fees and no surprise fees at all!

If that doesn’t sound like enough data, then you can choose to go with FreedomPop’s paid options, and they will charge $10 for this option after they send you a message that allows you to go over your initial 500 megs of data. In fact, this is actually automatic unless you opt out of the charge by going into the settings on the FreedomPop website for your billing options. Plus, after a year the service at FreedomPop still doesn’t force you into a contract, but you then must pay around $10 a month for services.

However, you can get more free data in other ways, including earning it via inviting others to use FreedomPop, downloading surveys and other items to earn data, etc. Or, just pay two cents for every megabyte you use when you go over your allowance. Plus, there is another pay option to go with a $5 monthly fee and be able to use Wi-Fi to call via more than 10 million hot spots on their network. You can also pay $20 a month for unlimited talk, text and a gig of data at the 4G speed, and after that, unlimited data at a lower download speed.

All in all, FreedomPop’s deals are pretty good for the prices as this Freedompop review shows, and their service works with multiple devices and runs on the Sprint network, as well as Android capable phones. The have service in both the US and the UK, with the UK service being via special SIM cards.

So if you don’t use a lot of voice or data, you can take advantage of Freedom Pop, a truly free Internet service provider, and even if you want more minutes or data, they have some really great prices compared to their competitors, so check it out today at their website at

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