National Assemblyman Jose Manuel Gonzalez

Jose Manuel Gonzalez worked as a businessman in the agriculture industry for many years. He was president of an agricultural organization and while in that position he learned to listen to the needs of others. He has been involved in public service since that time and his vast experience is of great value to Venezuela. The agriculture industry is in a difficult situation at the present time according to Jose Manuel Gonzalez. It has been unable to produce as much as 500,000 tons of rice and 300,000 tons of corn. It also cannot exchange its goods at a good rate on the market. There is a roller coaster effect going on with the value of goods and it is not healthy for the local economy.

The assembly of Venezuela needs to understand what is happening in the agriculture industry. It was poorly managed by its administrators. The government adopted closed door policies that were loaded with flaws and turned a deaf ear to those who understood the problems. They made excuses about how the problem was not their responsibility and as a result, now the problem has gotten even bigger. These people are thieves who are stealing dollars from the Venezuelan people instead of trying to help. They are overbilling for services and pocketing cash through corruption schemes. There is a distortion in the value of goods and smuggling is going on as well and this has devastated Venezuela. Jose Manuel Gonzalez wants to put an end to the corruption so the nation’s economy can begin to heal.

There is a national state of insecurity which affects the agriculture industries ability to produce goods. This has always been a problem in nations that depend on agriculture. Guarico, the state that Jose Manuel Gonzalez represents is not safe because of massive vandalism and criminal activity that results from the poor economic conditions. Farmers are desperate and they have been forced to pay extortionate amounts of money to the local gangs. There are also kidnappings on a weekly basis and the people have no one to defend them. Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a man who wants to solve these problems.

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