School Communication Has Never Been Better With The Use Of Class Dojo

Over the years, the schooling environments has become more negative in many places, and teaching kids in an environment like that can be very difficult. Even for the schools out there providing good educations with overall good environments, students these days are having a harder time becoming engaged in their schoolwork and activities. There is a company out there trying to change this, Class Dojo. They released their educational platform a few years ago based on vastly improving the level of communication between parents and teachers as well as students in school.

They are trying to make a difference and create a learning tool capable of transforming traditional education. Their platform not only improves communication but it goes over important information students should know in order to succeed and feel confident in themselves. To date, the company’s program has been widely accepted and gets many positive reviews on its effects.

The growth mindset videos that are included along with the Class Dojo platform teach students a number of different important facts and tips on improving on themselves and how to perform at their best. The videos are a series, and aim to improve every student’s overall learning abilities and confidence. If the videos are liked and are taken in a positive manner, Class Dojo will continue to produce them in order to keep improving on their message.

Class Dojo even partnered up with Stanford University to do some research on their strategies and the mindset videos they’ve produced. They wanted to monitor the progress of the videos and the level of impact they had as well as how people receive them. The main idea of these videos is to address many important bits of information that students of nearly any age should learn or spend time developing skills in.

Class Dojo has grown a lot since first launching their platform in 2011, with more than two thirds of United States schools taking part in Class Dojo in classrooms. Their growth mindset videos and platform for communication are the perfect tool for helping students become more engaged and connected to their schooling, in an overall effort to make school environments more positive for learning.

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