Wen Hair Challenge Proves Healthier Hair Is Possible Using Wen

WEN by Chaz has several wonderful products in their lineup. The one the young lady was concerned with was the cleansing conditioning product for fine hair. She purchased the hair care cleansing conditioning product and immediately noticed that it took a lot more product to do the same job as the cheap shampoo. When Chaz used the Wen product on the models on television, he showed how bouncy and shiny their hair became after just one try. Wen products are Sephora sold and can also be purchased online via Amazon. The young lady on Bustle.com realized the same when she put Wen by Chaz to a one week challenge.
The Wen by Chaz one week challenge consists of using Wen for a whole week and documenting how her hair looked each day. Day one she jumped into the shower and poured some product in her hand. The product has a wonderful clean smell and appears thicker than the cheaper version of shampoo/conditioning products that are on the market today. After shampooing her hair she blew dried it. Wow, she could not believe the hair transformation after just one shampoo. She finished getting dressed and left for work. On the way to work she was told a couple of times that her hair looked great. All day long her hair looked good. The next morning her hair was dirty and in a drastic need of an oil change.

A shower took care of the oily hair because Wen did the miracle again. After cleansing her hair and blowing it dry, she left for work. Again she has people telling her how great her hair looks. Every day for a week the young lady needs to wash her hair. Skipping a day was really not an option because Wen replaces some of the oils in her hair leaving it oily the next day.

The results show that Wen replaced missing oils in her hair. The product left her hair looking great. The thin hair was replaced with thicker shinier hair. She vows she will use the product again. Visit the website: http://www.wen.com/chaz-dean.html


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