Keith Mann, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Keith Mann, pilot, animal activist, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. He is a forward thinking, daring man who isn’t afraid to take risks when he believes it’s the right thing to do. He is passionate, caring, and unwavering in his dedication to his causes. Whether this entails work he’s done through Dynamics Search Partners (DSP), his righteous actions to stop animal abuse, or supporting the NYPD in times of distress, he shows his love for all life through bettering the world at both great personal cost and leading by example.
While some people carry a negative opinion about anyone who has found success, even the most skeptical would find it hard to hold a grudge against a man who has gone to such great lengths to provide possibilities to underprivileged, kindness to those under pressure, and a voice for those in need.
Founder and CEO of DSP, a firm that brings only the best talent to its clients, he has shown his support of DSP and Uncommon Schools’ partnership by following up with a personal touch. He and his wife have created their own scholarship, the Keith Mann and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement, to further help low-income students find their own success in life.
It’s not all business for Keith Mann. With family on the force and in light of the public’s recent feelings on police, he has donated lunches to the 54th precinct on more than one occasion. In a similar vein of kindness, while helping to evacuate people from Fort McMurray during a wildfire, he elected to overlook a few rules so that these scared, displaced souls could bring along their beloved pets.
There is an old adage, ‘make the world you want to live in’. While not a direct quote, I can think of no other that is so well suited for this man. He will be remembered for the marks he’s made in so many people’s lives, whether it was a show of support, an act of kindness, or a seemingly impossible opportunity.

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