Terry Baltes and customer satisfaction

When searching for the right hotel to stay at, we have grown to expect certain commodities and services. Does the hotel have free wifi? Will there be free breakfast? Are the linens premium quality? Instead of merely being great perks, these items are mostly considered standard issue. Because of these now standardized expectations and the hotels` ability to meet these expectations, the hotel world is experiencing a “customer satisfaction plateau”, according to industry experts. Remarkably though, many luxury hotels have seen close to a 20% increase in customer satisfaction. This is due to a much improved price structure on the hotel’s part and their ability to create a special experience for the customer, says Rick Garlick, the global travel lead and hospitatlity practice lead at J.D. Power.

Terry Baltes Real Estate

Luxury hotels were able to find an increase in customer satisfaction despite a seemingly stalling future because of their ablity to hone in on what exactly a customer wants. They realize that what sets them apart from competition and keeps them alive is not just what services they offer, but how they offer it. It is the responsibility of the employees themselves to create the unique, warm, welcoming experience that puts their hotel ahead of any other in their guests` mind. And like these hotels, Terry Baltes has done the same in the real estate industry.

Terry Baltes has been a player in real estate for a long time. Just a couple of years after he graduated Ohio State University, he opened his own real estate investing company, Baltes Commercial Realty, in 1977. The Real Estate, Marketing, and Finance triple major was nervous at the prospect of starting out so young, but he was confident in his education and his passion for real estate.

Today, his business philosophy is based on action and centered around a successful client relationship. Like the luxury hotel, he realizes that success comes from the experience of the customer. Terry is committed to creating mutually beneficial relationships with his clients, leading to their satisfaction and his business` continued success.

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