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The Equities First Holdings Innovative Capital Solutions

The famed alternative finance and capital service provider, Equities First Holdings, has recently witnessed a growth trend as most of the clients embrace the use of stock as collateral for securing the working capital. This policy has provided their investors with an avenue to amass more capital than ever. Taking advantage of the fact that banks and other lending institutions often offer strict lending criteria, Equities First has exploited the opportunity to attract more clients. According to Yahoo Finance, most of their esteemed customers have ventured in this stock-based loan security for more capital. Equities First Holdings has broken new grounds in the financial market for having their loan security threshold slightly lowered to accommodate a wider audience.

Borrowers can now shift their focus from the more stringent and high collateral policies offered in most finance sources to the simpler stock collateral alternative. Those who have opted for this option have witnessed an increased loan-to-value ratio which is a plus for their businesses. Another benefit reaped through this alternative is the lowered risk limit in case of a drop in the stock market, which usually is rather inevitable. The fluctuations that are a common phenomenon in the financial market on a three-year basis tend to be smoothened for investors who opt for the stock-based loan collateral. The loans clients receive can be used for several purposes therefore not limiting the investors to a certain vehicle of investment.

Equities First Holdings is the one stop site for competitive capital solutions for most businesses and high net-worth people who are looking for capital free from investment limitations. They are quite legitimate, offering competitive capital solutions since its establishment. They provide avenues through which their clients can liquefy their assets to free the cash for other purposes through friendly terms. Equity First Holdings has replaced the contemporary financing alternatives to bring their client’s low-cost capital and financing policies. They have expanded their operations to a global scale and have piloted more than 625 successful transactions since the establishment of the company.

The venture is based on high integrity standards and is usually ready to reimburse their clients’ stock following the maturity of the transaction. This remains the policy despite depreciation in the stock value that may come during the transaction. In both ways the borrowers benefit greatly. Fixed interest rates always come with the stock collateral loans throughout the process to the end of the deal.

Visit Equities First on their website to learn more about their services.

Labaton Sucharow’s Client Just Received $17 million In a Successful SEC Sanction Case.

Recently, SEC announced the Labaton Sucharow LLP’s client, one of the whistleblowers who exposed a wrongdoing in the financial services industry would receive more than $17 million. The award is still the second largest from when the SEC Whistleblower Program was launched six years ago. The whistleblowers who report the financial wrongdoing are eligible to 10-30 percent of the total monetary fines collected by the SEC in a successful enforcement action.



Under the rules of the program, the whistleblowers can even get more rewards if there are monetary sanctions collected in other cases brought by other law enforcement organizations to the participants reported by the whistleblower. The whistleblowers are protected by the Dodd-Frank Act that protects any retaliation measures by employers to whistleblowers under the program rules.



Congress enacted the Dodd-Frank Consumer Protection Act in 2010. The role was to implement the most efficient U.S. financial regulation since the great depression. Some of the reforms that were introduced in the Act include the new whistleblower program that offers protections to employees and offering financial incentives for individuals with the courage to report the possible violations of the financial laws set by Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).



Labaton Sucharow has been on the front line being the first law firm in the U.S. to protect and advocate for the SEC whistleblower. The law firm has an established securities litigation platform dedicated to whistleblowers representation practice with an in-house team of financial analysts, investigators, and forensic accountants with experience in both state and federal level. SEC Whistleblower attorney, Jordan A. Thomas, the former assistant director and chief litigation counsel in SEC enforcement division is the leader of the practice.



SEC Whistleblower lawyer, Mr. Thomas did not just start Labaton Sucharow law firm out of nowhere; he played a critical role in the leadership and development of the Whistleblower program including the drafting of the proposed legislation of the Act. In the recent whistleblower award, the Whistleblower provided high-quality information that led to sanctions against a well-known player in the financial industry. The whistleblower asked his/her representative to remain anonymous to avoid any form of retaliation and blacklisting.



According to Thomas, his client chose to blow the whistle when others in a better position to do it remained content and allow unsuspecting investors to be scammed. Thomas believes that his/her courageous act will inspire more whistleblowers to come forward when they face such dilemma. Mr. Thomas also received the award on behalf of the whistleblower to ensure minimized chance of retaliation against the whistleblower.


The Ease of Fabletics

These days, it can be quite hard to find the look you want when it comes to what you will be wearing to the gym the next time that you go. Wouldn’t you love it if you could just stop and let someone else do all of the shopping for you, choosing outfits that are custom designed to not only what you usually wear, but also your lifestyle? You would think something like this would be expensive, but that is not the case when it comes to the newest trend in buying Athletic ware. A company called Fabletics has just entered into the online world, and at this company, you feel like you are getting 5-star treatment at a lower cost.

Fabletics is a retailer that pushes out clothing and accessories that are not just for women, but also for men. If you have ever felt yourself wanting to just let someone else take over in terms of shopping, then let Fabletics handle all of your needs when it comes to things to wear to the gym, and also when it comes to dresses and swimsuits. Fabletics is not only for those who do not love the experience of shopping on and don’t want to do any of the shopping for themselves though, you can also make your own choices and maybe just glance at the personalized options that Fabletics has personally selected to suit your lifestyle and common clothing choices.

The company of Fabletics got their big start in 2013, thanks to three people who wanted to make shopping a little easier on everyone, these three people were Kate Hudson, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. However, the person that we all have to thank for coming up with the men’s line for the Fabletics store is Oliver Hudson, Kate Hudson’s darling brother. He thought it would be a nice touch for men to also have the option of not having to go through the painful task of shopping unless they wanted to.

The Fabletics Subscription

I know what you are thinking, oh boy, here it comes, the big gigantic movie star of a price. However, we really did mean it when we said that it was a low price, for just $49.95 a month, you can feel like you are royalty at the hotel of Fabletics. This monthly membership means that all of the stress of shopping will be taken off of your shoulders, and you will have more than enough time for everything else on your to-do list. There are only a few questions that you have to answer in the beginning once you have purchased your membership, these are the questions that will help out Fabletics when it comes to picking out the outfits that are best suited to you. So go ahead and get your subscription to Fabletics on, and let them take the weight of the world off of your shoulders.

National Assemblyman Jose Manuel Gonzalez

Jose Manuel Gonzalez worked as a businessman in the agriculture industry for many years. He was president of an agricultural organization and while in that position he learned to listen to the needs of others. He has been involved in public service since that time and his vast experience is of great value to Venezuela. The agriculture industry is in a difficult situation at the present time according to Jose Manuel Gonzalez. It has been unable to produce as much as 500,000 tons of rice and 300,000 tons of corn. It also cannot exchange its goods at a good rate on the market. There is a roller coaster effect going on with the value of goods and it is not healthy for the local economy.

The assembly of Venezuela needs to understand what is happening in the agriculture industry. It was poorly managed by its administrators. The government adopted closed door policies that were loaded with flaws and turned a deaf ear to those who understood the problems. They made excuses about how the problem was not their responsibility and as a result, now the problem has gotten even bigger. These people are thieves who are stealing dollars from the Venezuelan people instead of trying to help. They are overbilling for services and pocketing cash through corruption schemes. There is a distortion in the value of goods and smuggling is going on as well and this has devastated Venezuela. Jose Manuel Gonzalez wants to put an end to the corruption so the nation’s economy can begin to heal.

There is a national state of insecurity which affects the agriculture industries ability to produce goods. This has always been a problem in nations that depend on agriculture. Guarico, the state that Jose Manuel Gonzalez represents is not safe because of massive vandalism and criminal activity that results from the poor economic conditions. Farmers are desperate and they have been forced to pay extortionate amounts of money to the local gangs. There are also kidnappings on a weekly basis and the people have no one to defend them. Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a man who wants to solve these problems.

Flavio Maluf Comments on the Looming Impact of Brexit



Flavio Maluf says that Brexit may have some serious ramifications for Brazil’s economy. Flavio Maluf is a man would definitely know about this sort of thing. He currently serves as the president of Eucatex, a very influential Brazilian company primarily concerned with environmentally sound furniture and construction. His family owns and runs Eucatex, but he spent some time working for other businesses. He started out working for Eucatex in 1987. Then he left to attend and graduate from Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation in Sao Paulo.

Then he attended and graduated from the New York University with a degree in administration. He afterwards worked in various business positions, before joining the executive team of Eucatex in 1996. In addition to being the current president of Eucatex, he also serves as president of Grandfood Group. In 2010, he was instrumental in the opening of a new Eucatex plant at Salto in Sao Paulo to match its factory in Botucatu. Flavio Maluf is also highly involved in charity donations and work. Eucatex has been going strong when it was founded in 1951 as the first Brazilian company to utilize eucalyptus in the production of tiles and ceiling panels.

It remains absolutely dedicated to environmentalism. Its Environmental Education Program seeks to help students and groups involved in conservation. Flavio Maluf has been so successful leading Eucatex ever upward that experts estimate that he will profit the company by around R$ 10.7 million by 2014. By that time, the Eucatex market is estimated to have risen by 30%. And Flavio Maluf is not the only good leader at Eucatex. It has been blessed with many.  That gives him more time to provide brilliant advice columns, or to comment on major mergers like the recent Jaden corp acquisition.

School Communication Has Never Been Better With The Use Of Class Dojo

Over the years, the schooling environments has become more negative in many places, and teaching kids in an environment like that can be very difficult. Even for the schools out there providing good educations with overall good environments, students these days are having a harder time becoming engaged in their schoolwork and activities. There is a company out there trying to change this, Class Dojo. They released their educational platform a few years ago based on vastly improving the level of communication between parents and teachers as well as students in school.

They are trying to make a difference and create a learning tool capable of transforming traditional education. Their platform not only improves communication but it goes over important information students should know in order to succeed and feel confident in themselves. To date, the company’s program has been widely accepted and gets many positive reviews on its effects.

The growth mindset videos that are included along with the Class Dojo platform teach students a number of different important facts and tips on improving on themselves and how to perform at their best. The videos are a series, and aim to improve every student’s overall learning abilities and confidence. If the videos are liked and are taken in a positive manner, Class Dojo will continue to produce them in order to keep improving on their message.

Class Dojo even partnered up with Stanford University to do some research on their strategies and the mindset videos they’ve produced. They wanted to monitor the progress of the videos and the level of impact they had as well as how people receive them. The main idea of these videos is to address many important bits of information that students of nearly any age should learn or spend time developing skills in.

Class Dojo has grown a lot since first launching their platform in 2011, with more than two thirds of United States schools taking part in Class Dojo in classrooms. Their growth mindset videos and platform for communication are the perfect tool for helping students become more engaged and connected to their schooling, in an overall effort to make school environments more positive for learning.

Political Leanings Mean Little To Activist Thor Halvorssen

The human rights activist Thor Halvorssen is a man who has decided achieving his aims within the activism community means he must go his own way in life. The Venezuelan born activist has recently been working from the New York base of his Human Rights Foundation, but still finds the time to make sure his feelings about dictators around the world are well known. Unlike his contemporaries Thor Halvorssen has been outspoken in his criticism of socialist governments in Cuba and his native Venezuela, regarding any government robbing its citizens of human rights as a target for his ire.

During the 2016 U.S. Presidential cycle Thor Halvorssen decided he had to speak up in a bid to bring the truth about the human rights records of the main candidates for the leading parties to the attention of a public who were largely unaware of them. Halvorssen not only declared his own inability to back either Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton because of their association with human rights abusing governments, but also drew attention to the humanitarian crisis growing over the summer of 2016 in his home country of Venezuela.

Halvorssen has looked for many different ways of making sure the public had information about public figures who have close ties to tyrannical figureheads. Trips taken by celebrities, including Hilary Swank, Lionel Messi, and Nicki Minaj taken to perform for or appear with dictators have been the subject of open letters Halvorssen published with leading news outlets.

The approach taken by Thor Halvorssen does not always follow that of his more traditional contemporaries in the human rights activism field, but the results he achieves show how successful he has been. The film producer does not believe governments should be allowed to get away with robbing individuals of their human rights because they have a socialist political leaning. Instead, Thor Halvorssen believes any dictator or tyrant should be brought to account for the crimes they have committed.

This Buzzfeed article is another good resource for learning about Thor Halvorssen’s endeavors.

Wen Hair Challenge Proves Healthier Hair Is Possible Using Wen

WEN by Chaz has several wonderful products in their lineup. The one the young lady was concerned with was the cleansing conditioning product for fine hair. She purchased the hair care cleansing conditioning product and immediately noticed that it took a lot more product to do the same job as the cheap shampoo. When Chaz used the Wen product on the models on television, he showed how bouncy and shiny their hair became after just one try. Wen products are Sephora sold and can also be purchased online via Amazon. The young lady on realized the same when she put Wen by Chaz to a one week challenge.
The Wen by Chaz one week challenge consists of using Wen for a whole week and documenting how her hair looked each day. Day one she jumped into the shower and poured some product in her hand. The product has a wonderful clean smell and appears thicker than the cheaper version of shampoo/conditioning products that are on the market today. After shampooing her hair she blew dried it. Wow, she could not believe the hair transformation after just one shampoo. She finished getting dressed and left for work. On the way to work she was told a couple of times that her hair looked great. All day long her hair looked good. The next morning her hair was dirty and in a drastic need of an oil change.

A shower took care of the oily hair because Wen did the miracle again. After cleansing her hair and blowing it dry, she left for work. Again she has people telling her how great her hair looks. Every day for a week the young lady needs to wash her hair. Skipping a day was really not an option because Wen replaces some of the oils in her hair leaving it oily the next day.

The results show that Wen replaced missing oils in her hair. The product left her hair looking great. The thin hair was replaced with thicker shinier hair. She vows she will use the product again. Visit the website:


David J. Osio Expands his Philanthropic Undertakings across the World

David Osio, who is a renowned businessperson, is dedicated to improving the life of people across the world through his charitable projects. He has been a benefactor of community development activities, medical research, music, and art. The financial advisor has been partnering with various nonprofit organizations for about 20 years to offers his support, and he is currently expanding his charitable activities across the world. Mr. Osio has been a significant donor of the Miami Symphony Orchestra (MISO) for the period that he has been sitting on the Orchestra Board. He is happy to be a benefactor of the institution, which is significant to the community.

David has also been funding The Children’s Orthopedic Foundation, which is an international organization. His support for the foundation has been through being the primary sponsor of its annual EPK events. Mr. Osio believes that the smallest contributions can help in conducting medical research for children. He hopes that other prosperous individuals can participate by making financial donations to facilitate this significant activity.

David Osio is the current chief executive officer and founder of the Davos Financial Group. He has been guiding the firm to ensure its success in both the local and global markets. The income that the company collects has been increasing annually under the leadership of Mr. Osio. The firm has also set up branches in strategic and high potential cities such as Panama City, New York, Geneva, Lisbon, and New York. The entrepreneur has promised to participate in charity undertakings in any city that the company operates.

Other organizations that benefit from the philanthropic ventures of Mr. Osio are the UMA Foundation, Fundana Foundations, and the Wayuu Taya Foundation. He has also been a significant donor to the Saludarte Foundation of Art in Miami, where he supported an exhibition of Carlos Cruz Diez. David has been recognized for his generosity, and he has received various international awards and honors.

The founder of the Davos Financial Group (DFG) is also in charge of the company’s global and domestic strategy. He has managed to expand the firm into a multinational corporation that has offices in the main financial cities. Mr. Osio is a graduate of the Caracas-based Catholic University Andres Bello, where he got a degree in law in 1988. His career debut was at the Legal Desk MGO, where he served as a director and was in charge of advising international customers. From 1996 to 19968, David attended the Institute of Higher Administration Studies (IESA), which is based in Caracas. He also studied at the New York Institute of Finance, where he focused on Management Investment Portfolios.

Follow Osio on Twitter – @david_j_osio

Keith Mann, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Keith Mann, pilot, animal activist, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. He is a forward thinking, daring man who isn’t afraid to take risks when he believes it’s the right thing to do. He is passionate, caring, and unwavering in his dedication to his causes. Whether this entails work he’s done through Dynamics Search Partners (DSP), his righteous actions to stop animal abuse, or supporting the NYPD in times of distress, he shows his love for all life through bettering the world at both great personal cost and leading by example.
While some people carry a negative opinion about anyone who has found success, even the most skeptical would find it hard to hold a grudge against a man who has gone to such great lengths to provide possibilities to underprivileged, kindness to those under pressure, and a voice for those in need.
Founder and CEO of DSP, a firm that brings only the best talent to its clients, he has shown his support of DSP and Uncommon Schools’ partnership by following up with a personal touch. He and his wife have created their own scholarship, the Keith Mann and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement, to further help low-income students find their own success in life.
It’s not all business for Keith Mann. With family on the force and in light of the public’s recent feelings on police, he has donated lunches to the 54th precinct on more than one occasion. In a similar vein of kindness, while helping to evacuate people from Fort McMurray during a wildfire, he elected to overlook a few rules so that these scared, displaced souls could bring along their beloved pets.
There is an old adage, ‘make the world you want to live in’. While not a direct quote, I can think of no other that is so well suited for this man. He will be remembered for the marks he’s made in so many people’s lives, whether it was a show of support, an act of kindness, or a seemingly impossible opportunity.