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IAP Worldwide Services Gets the Job Done Despite the Risks

No matter how high the risk factors are, no matter what dangers lurk about, the brave professionals at Ingenuity and Purpose (IAP) Worldwide Services, Incorporated are dedicated to making all things happens for their clients. They are in the habit of making the goals of the clients their goals. Even when a gang of roving gunmen decide to take over a building with hostages inside, the professionals at IAP Worldwide Services know what to do to stop the situation from getting worse than it would have with no intervention in a timely fashion.

There are an unlimited number of scenarios where a crew of very brave and skilled workers are going to be needed to solve a complex problem. These are the types of tasks that are confronted, negotiated and managed by the members of the IAP team. The various scenarios of IAP that are handled include those by the integrated Aviation and Engineering Solutions team. This group of experts are deployed when National Security issues are at stake using what is called the National Security Program unit. The joining of these two types of services have also given birth to the aviation, communications and Wide area network, enterprise management and local area network technologies groups. The planning of these various functional groups to merge gave way from the acquisition earlier in the quarter of DRS Technologies and A&L, the Aviation and Logistics business.

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IAP Worldwide Services, Inc.: Private Company Information

When disasters unfold in whatever location in the nation or abroad, those who can be dispatched to heal, contain and rebuild are the professionals of IAP. What is the mission of this specialize group of individuals known as IAP? It is the firm conviction of those who exhibit their familiar purpose and discipline daily in their job to make the client’s goal their own. Reaching for those solutions in the midst of great difficulty is what compels these workers to continue. They bring with them the skills of aircraft engineers, computer scientists, network enterprise managers, telecom engineers, logistics and maintenance technician services.

Some of the legacy services of IAP Worldwide Services have had their roots sprouted some sixty years ago. As their services to the United States Department of Defense, International forces and entities produced a wide variety of services, project management teams proliferated. They developed vital processes to handle a diverse set of problems from working with NASA space programs in Florida to the deserts of the Middle East running air force missions and naval missions form the Persian Gulf.

Service offices are located in all parts of the globe including Washington, District of Columbia to London, England and then deep in the mountains of Afghanistan. Wherever the mission is and the goals of success are carried out, the men and women of IAP are there to make it happen.

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Norka Luque: An Artist Who Is Passionate About Positivity and Hope

Those who hear Norka Luque’s debut song, Milagros (which means miracles), know that she has something special. There is a certain type of magic that can only be nurtured in a person that truly believes in miracles and has unshakable faith. Norka’s story is one that might seem a little lucky because she was discovered by Emilio Estefan Jr, who is a very successful music producer. All she needed to do was sing, and he was hooked. He offered her an opportunity to make a song that hit the top of the Latin Music Billboards.

Still, Norka would not say that what happened was luck but rather it was one of those moments when life grants you a miracle, which she thinks is something that happens to everyone. She wants to bring that unbelievable faith to all her music and inspire listeners to believe again and provide strength to help them face every day with their head held high.

Luque Luque has been hoping to live off her music and her art for some time. She began to sing at a very young age; in fact, she recorded her first song around the age of 8. Norka recorded a cover for one of Shakira’s earliest hits, and people loved it. Her parents supported her efforts as long as she did not neglect her education. Norka’s parents were firm believers in having a back-up plan, though they believed wholeheartedly in her talents. Luque understood her parents and took heed as she did continue her studies.

This young artist has continued her rise to fame and had one of her songs nominated for Premios Lo Nuestro back in 2011. She actually was competing against some of her idols like Shakira, Gloria Trevi, and Natalia Jimenez. To be next to some of these artists was a dream come true for Norkam, though it was somewhat unbelievable to her, too.

Most of her fans, including Emilio, expect a lot from the young talent, and Luque plans to deliver music that reigns true to her heart. She does not want to create songs that she is not passionate about, because she believes that her audience will notice that she was disconnected from the words. Norka is very protective of her work, image, and sound. Luque definitely is an artist on the rise who knows who she is. Check out her Soundcloud to see more of the music Norka is into.