Stunning Invention of the Century

Every invention comes with its effects; some take some time to pay back and experience the effects, whereas others go viral in no time. The ClassDojo is an example of the viral invention that is not only giving positive feedback to its founders, but the users are adoring it and sharing it all over.

A child’s education is not just the business of the teacher and the student; parents have waited and longed long enough to be part and parcel of each of their child’s learning experience. To keep track of every progress they make, to motivate them and guide them where necessary. It never is any parent’s intention to leave all the work of educating their kids to teachers. The ClassDojo has answered the parents’ prayers. They can now monitor from wherever they are the progress of their children, having contact with all materials taught in school when the teachers upload the class videos and better still control their kid’s behavior.

The founders
The co-founders, Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, started the app as a behavior management tool. With the aim of helping parents and teachers interact and share about their kid’s actions, the app has grown with time to not only monitor kid’s behavior, but it’s now a communication platform for students, teachers, and parents. Researchers are also slowly getting in the statistics.

It is amazing how the app has grown with time, the founders, never anticipated the kind of feedback, given that they never needed to invest in marketing, the teachers and parents have done the marketing for them. Marketing has been through referrals which prompt other educators and principals to download the app and share spread the information in their schools. The app is since usable by many parents and teachers, as well as students currently across 180 countries globally.

Availability and importance of the ClassDojo
The ClassDojo is available in the Apple store and Google play, its functions like any social media community providing interaction between the parties. The app enhances, sharing of daily class activities, has a private platform in which parents and teachers interact on their children’s progress and enable rating of the kids behavior; they get scores for positive behavior and lose for bad behavior. The app has provided a secure communication path on all important messages that teachers and the managements want to pass to parents. It has hence changed learning, in a positive way, the parents need not wait until they are called to the school to learn about their kid’s progress, and rather they keep daily progress.


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