Dick DeVos & Family Donated $400,000 to OneOrlando Cause

Following the aftermath of the mass shooting that occurred in Orlando in mid-June, the DeVos Family has generously donated $400,000 to help the victims’ families and survivors. In addition to the $400,000 donation, the DeVos Family’s basketball team Orlando Magic donated another $100,000 to the cause, dubbed the One Orlando Fund. The One Orlando Fund is a non-profit organization, which was started specifically to help the victims’ families and survivors affected by the mass shooting. The mass shooting took place on Sunday, June 12, 2016 at the popular gay night club, Pulse.

This donation comes as a great surprise, considering that the DeVos Family and the patriarch, Dick DeVos, had previously donated funds against the legalization of gay marriage.

In 1991, Dick DeVos was the CEO and President of the Orlando Magic Basketball team. In 1993, however, he became the president of Amway. Since then, he has helped the organization increase its sales significantly.

As the founder of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, DeVos and his wife, Betsy, have donated to numerous charities, non-profit organizations, and other important causes. DeVos has donated to causes such as the Kids Hope USA, Willow Creek Association, American Education Reform Council, and Choices for Children. DeVos has also donated to colleges and universities, such as Grove City College, Hope College, Calvin College, and Princeton University. DeVos has also financially supported the arts. In 2010, DeVos donated $22.5 million dollars to the DeVos Institute of Arts Management, which provides practical experience to arts managers.

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