Doe Deere: Beauty, Art and Fashion


Doe Deere is very passionate about beauty, art, and fashion. She has in fact been involved in all three of these areas in her career. She has made music. She has also sewed fabric. During her time sewing, she has gotten the idea of running her own make up company. One of the reasons that she has decided to start up Lime Crime was that she has seen that it is very hard to come across some different colors other than the ones that were traditionally used for make up. She adopted the philosophy of being the change one wants to see and started her own company which carries different bright colors in makeup.

Lime Crime originally started as an eBay account where Doe Deere showcased her new DIY fashion line. When it came to showcasing the products and how they work, she was the model of her products. She wanted to make sure that the brand got her complete look. She wanted to make sure that her brand had a colorful image. The company eventually launched in full in 2008. It has proven to be really successful with Doe Deere’s marketing skills as well as friendliness and eagerness to reach out to people.

Doe Deere has a great definition and idea of what success is. She considers herself successful if she is able to get people to identify with her vision to the point that they enjoy wearing her products. She is passionate about constantly growing and adjusting her image while maintaining her core values. She strives to please others.

One major success with Doe Deere is that she believes that beauty is very diverse. She wants people to be able to express themselves. She wants them to be pleased with a look that they put together. She encourages people to form their own style regardless of what other people think about them. In the end, it is about how each individual feels about herself wearing her makeup. This is one of the determining factors of how successful her company, Lime Crime is. She also posts pictures and encourages others to post pictures of their look with Lime Crime.

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