Coriant is Honored to Announce Shaygan Kheradpir Will Take Over Leading Them to the Next Level


Coriant the optical transport vendor has named a new CEO. His name will sound familiar to many, Shaygan Kheradpir. Kheradpir is taking over the running of Coriant from Pat DiPietro who now becomes vice chairman and a role he previously held as an operating partner at Marlin Equity Partners. Marlin Equity Partners built Coriant by putting together Nokia, Tellabs, and Sycamore Networks.

Kheradpir has been working with senior management since earlier this year at Coriant so he has a foothold as to where this company is and where it needs to go. Coriant is pleased with this appointment as Kheradpir is a recognized technology and business leader. He has been in this industry for more than 28 years and brings with his experience across technology, financial services, and the telecom industries.

DiPietro has stated they are honored to have Shaygan join Coriant and they are extremely fortunate to have someone of his caliber taking the lead of the company. Since Kheradpir began working with them earlier this year he has been invaluable with his strategic insight and focused operational execution. They have every confidence in Kheradpir and his ability to take Coriant to the next level.

Shaygan Kheradpir now CEO of Coriant is a business and technology executive. He attended Cornell University where he earned an electrical engineering degree. He also has a bachelor’s, masters and doctoral degree. Through his various executive positions, he has contributed too many product development and cost-cutting initiatives.

Growing up in Iran after his birth in London he is the son of an ear, nose, and throat physician. Kheradpir moved to the United States for his education and began his career with GTE Laboratories in 1987. It was here his reputation originated as he worked on network routing, management, and control. When he achieved the title of chief information officer with GTE, Kheradpir earned respect for introducing new products on schedule.

Other earlier appointments held by Kheradpir were president of Verizon’s e-business division and Chief Operating Officer of Barclays. He briefly joined Marlin Equity Partners before being appointed CEO and chairman of the board with Coriant in September of 2015.

Kheradpir is a member of the Engineering Council with Cornell University. Earlier, from 2007 to 2010 he served on the Advisory Board of New York’s YMCA. He also served on a board for the National Institute of Standards and Technology in the United States from 2010 until 2013.


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