How to Use Lime Crime Products To Create an Edgy Look

Women often wear makeup for decades on end without truly finding a style that they feel represents their identity and shows their individuality. The new makeup company, Lime Crime, has created a remedy to this problem. Each product at Lime Crime was developed specifically for users to uniquely identify with as an element of their own unique personalities. Lime Crime has become a company that is synonymous with individuality and free expression. Lime Crime was developed by Doe Deere, a lover of cosmetics who felt that her color choices were often too traditional and plain to fit her free spirited personality. Doe developed Lime Crime to help develop a solution to her own problem and, in the process of her cosmetics line development, she found that thousands of customers shared her desire for more uniquely identifying cosmetics. Today, Doe services thousands of customers (or unicorns, as she affectionately calls those who are loyal to the Lime Crime brand) with several eye catching colors and unique blends that can be used to create makeup magic!

For those who wish to create a significantly more edgy look using Lime Crime products, simply visiting the Lime Crime would be helpful. The Lime Crime website provides consumers with a wide variety of different looks to try. There are also several tutorials describing how to create everyday looks and evening looks. Lime Crime also provides customers with Instagram photos of users who have created unique looks using Lime Crime products and have shared their looks with the company. Since Lime Crime is best known for cosmetics that help create edgy looks, most of the photos on the website are of users who have created spicy and dramatic make overs using products from the Lime Crime company. Visitors to the website can view these looks by simply clicking the link under the photos.  Check them out on Facebook, and follow them on @LimeCrimeMakeup on Instagram.

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