Skout Is A Social App All About The Adventure Of Meeting New People

We all have room for another great social media app in our lives. Though the market may seem crowded at times and it feels like we spend most of our downtime checking out what everyone we know is up to, the truth is that another great social networking tool always manages to find its way into your downtime somehow.

Skout is rapidly becoming that next great social media app that users can’t help but become addicted to.

Though Skout is more of a series of tools than an app designed for one specific purpose, the best way to quickly summarize Skout is to describe it as an app designed to help you meet new people. You log-in to Skout via your Facebook account or e-mail address and proceed to create a profile that contains your interests, intentions, and preferably a few photos.

Once your profile is ready to go, Skout takes off the training wheels and allows you to explore its growing user base in order to make new connections. A vibrant and intuitive interface makes it easy to see who else is online and which users share the same interests that you do, which in turn makes it easier to begin communicating with them regarding just about anything.

If you’re looking to make new friends, you’ll find plenty of people doing the same. If you’re hoping to establish some new network connections, you’ll have no trouble navigating Skout and locating other professionals to converse with. Even dating is covered in Skout thanks to some built-in flirting and gifting features.

The app’s most noteworthy feature, however, may just be its “shake to chat” feature. By shaking your device while the app is running, you will automatically enter a conversation with another user that is shaking their app at the same time. This simple method of communication helps you to meet a variety of new people who are also interested in sharing their experiences with adventurous social minds.

It’s a feature that perfectly captures the intriguing exploration elements that Skout brings to the common social experience. It’s an app built for those who want to escape the confines of their social circle and explore new possibilities as well as the conversations that the people who inhabit these new horizons have to share.

Those looking for a social media tool that emphasizes fun and exploration as much as communication may find their new addiction in Skout.

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