Doe Deere – The Woman Behind the Success of Lime Crime Cosmetics


There are very few female entrepreneurs who gain popularity on the Internet. Doe Deere has become a well-known name in the world of beauty. Often referred to as the Unicorn Queen, Ms. Deere has created a successful line of cosmetics under the Lime Crime brand name. Like many entrepreneurs, Doe started her career by creating her own fashions. She also held several management positions within the world of business. She was a woman with a dream who chose to act on her vision of creating a different type of cosmetic company, which made her a very successful business woman.

Inspiration and Productivity

Ms. Deere attributes her inspiration for her line of cosmetics to an earlier time when she sewed some of her own fashions. She began selling her cosmetics online, which provided her with an unlimited potential for customers. She chose to showcase the products she made available for sale by using color photographs of herself wearing the makeup she sold. This unusual technique proved to be exactly what was needed to help customers see the possibilities within the line of Lime Crime cosmetics.

Doe works very closely with her staff to ensure everyone is synchronized with the current projects. She meets with her Creative Director, President and VP regularly to make sure the company is utilizing the best strategies available for online marketing. Ms. Deere also believes in customer feedback, which is why she developed a branch for customer support. Staying in touch with her customers allows her to ensure their happiness with the products they purchase.

The Lime Crime Line

The products available in the Lime Crime line reflect the passion and imagination of its founder. Created to provide women with a broader color choice, the looks created using the various cosmetics are virtually limitless. The color photos found on the product’s website show just how imaginative some customers can be. The ability to mix and match the bright and bold colors found in the lines of eye shadows and lipsticks allows women to express their unique sense of individuality. This is in keeping with Ms. Deere’s own positive attitude about empowering women.

Not only does the line of Lime Crime cosmetics provide women with a way to express their individuality, but it also upholds some important values. Lime Crime cosmetics are stated as being vegan, because no animal products are used in their creation. The company also does not participate in animal testing for their products. The line of Lime Crime cosmetics is a direct statement on the beliefs upheld by its founder Doe Deere.

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