Cosmetic Surgeons – The Best Of Texas

Having the need for cosmetic surgery is a common practice across the country. For many people, they want to improve the way they look to feel better about themselves. Whatever the reasoning, they wish to transform their looks to something more outstanding than they were before.

What Is The Name Of A Great Cosmetic Surgeon In Texas?

When someone asks that question in Texas, they usually get the answer, “Dr. Jennifer Walden.” This because Dr. Walden has completed many cosmetic surgeries that all have led to extreme success in transforming lives for many people. Her background is exemplary, as she has the skills, the knowledge and experience to create wonderful works in her procedures to help those that require cosmetic surgery.

What Is Dr. Walden’s Educational Background?

She has excelled in her studies. Her undergraduate work in Biology led to High Honors when she graduated from the University of Texas at Austin. Proceeding on to her Medical Doctorate, she once again achieved high honors from the University of Texas Medical Branch. This alone gives her extreme respect in the field, not to mention her business in New York.

The Professional Experience Of Dr. Jennifer Walden

Before Dr. Walden decided to come back to Texas, she had a flourishing cosmetic surgery business in New York. She was at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital where she concentrated on aesthetic surgery, and acquired quite a bit of experience in her specialty.

Returning to Texas was something that she thought long and hard about. She returned to her roots and is establishing a very long list of patients that adored her and recommend her always. Having the ability to communicate well with her patients has led to her many successes. She listens and performs the procedures that her patients so desperately need in order to feel great about themselves again. Her continued success will bring much happiness to many of the people that depend on her for her expertise in the field.

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