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The Correlation Between Job Satisifaction And Employee Turnover

Darius Fisher, the founder and president of online reputation management firm Status Labs has offered some tips for business owners to retain employees. Employee turnover can cost businesses significant amounts of money and lead to loss of production. Fisher cities a source at ERE Media which states that it can cost up to 50% of the annual salary to replace an employee at an entry level position and up to 150% of salary for an employee at a mid level position within a company.

It therefore, pays for companies to minimize employee turnover. One of Darius Fisher’s firm beliefs is that job satisfaction and employee turnover is intricately linked together. One of the best ways to keep employees happy at work is to create incentives for reaching goals. Fisher routinely rewards employees for meeting goals at his company with things such as a paid vacation abroad, technology gadgets or concert passes. Giving treats to your employees will make them more satisfied and motivated at work states Fisher.

Another way to reduce employee turnover is to offer praise for employee accomplishments. Darius Fisher is big on this. He described how if an employee closed a major deal with a client, or achieved a major public relations breakthrough then he would congratulate the employee and let the entire company know of his or her achievement. Employees enjoy getting praise, and Fisher isn’t shy about giving it out at Status Labs.

Keeping employees informed of what it happening around the company is another effective strategy to retain employees. If your employees don’t know whats going on in the company and feel like they are not being told of the happenings, they will be more likely to leave. Make it a habit to keep employees up to date on company events, news and new hires describes Darius Fisher.

Mr. Fisher has recently been recognized as one of the top 50 leading innovators in the public relations and digital marketing field. He is a member of the Young Entrepreneur Council and regularly contributes to its community voice outreach program. Darius Fisher co-founded Status Labs in 2012.

Status Labs has quickly become a globally renowned company thanks to Darius Fisher’s innovative techniques towards public relations and digital marketing. He has combined his experience in politics and copy writing and fused them with technological innovations to create one of the world’s leading digital management firms. Fisher works with clients across the globe in fields as diverse as sports, politics, entertainment and finance.

Cosmetic Surgeons – The Best Of Texas

Having the need for cosmetic surgery is a common practice across the country. For many people, they want to improve the way they look to feel better about themselves. Whatever the reasoning, they wish to transform their looks to something more outstanding than they were before.

What Is The Name Of A Great Cosmetic Surgeon In Texas?

When someone asks that question in Texas, they usually get the answer, “Dr. Jennifer Walden.” This because Dr. Walden has completed many cosmetic surgeries that all have led to extreme success in transforming lives for many people. Her background is exemplary, as she has the skills, the knowledge and experience to create wonderful works in her procedures to help those that require cosmetic surgery.

What Is Dr. Walden’s Educational Background?

She has excelled in her studies. Her undergraduate work in Biology led to High Honors when she graduated from the University of Texas at Austin. Proceeding on to her Medical Doctorate, she once again achieved high honors from the University of Texas Medical Branch. This alone gives her extreme respect in the field, not to mention her business in New York.

The Professional Experience Of Dr. Jennifer Walden

Before Dr. Walden decided to come back to Texas, she had a flourishing cosmetic surgery business in New York. She was at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital where she concentrated on aesthetic surgery, and acquired quite a bit of experience in her specialty.

Returning to Texas was something that she thought long and hard about. She returned to her roots and is establishing a very long list of patients that adored her and recommend her always. Having the ability to communicate well with her patients has led to her many successes. She listens and performs the procedures that her patients so desperately need in order to feel great about themselves again. Her continued success will bring much happiness to many of the people that depend on her for her expertise in the field.

The Future In Action

As an image management firm, Status Labs provides assistance to high level brands in addition to high profile individuals, in order to help them maintain public reputation, as often documented in online news sources and gossip websites, thus protecting the reputation of a range of figures so that they best retain their positions and moderate crisis responsibly and with the help of shrewd advice. Status Labs are based out of the city of Austin Texas, with additional offices in cities as wide ranging as New York City, New York and Sao Paulo, Brazil. Status Labs maintains a diverse clientele and is recognized for properly caring for their client’s potentially vulnerable digital image portrayed to the public through various mediums.
Recently Mike Paul, one of the globe’s foremost crisis PR experts will lend his talents to Status Labs as the company continues to make unprecedented industrial growth. Darius Fisher, Status Labs’ president looks at the addition of Mike Paul as positive growth. Paul is an interesting figure. He is president of Reputation Doctor LLC, and is often called ‘The Reputation Doctor’. Due to his prolific insight into public relations, his counseling should prove to be of tremendous value to the strategic planning and grueling work faced by company’s such as Status Labs facing potentially randomly occurring crisis damaging the reputation of important clientele of all kinds.
Mike Paul has a slew of experience in the reputation management of crisis, communications between corporations, litigation, reputation maintenance and government related relations among other particulars. He has spent twenty five odd years working with corporations and firms, namely General Motors, Kraft Foods, FEMA, Pfizer, the USDOJ, Goldman Sachs, China, and Merrill Lynch amongst many more.
Paul quite often can be seen on global news outlets including BBC News, MSNBC, Fox News, CNN, and even ESPN. His resume must be exciting to the team at Status Labs. It certainly signifies a promising future for the company.

Woke Twitter Racial Comments

Woke Twitter forwarded to Cape Town, Africa, the prejudiced assertions made by Penny Sparrow, Chris Hart and Justin van Vuuren last Sunday.

Reverberation of the racially motivated discussion in Twittersphere was perceived throughout the universe.

This incited Chris Hart’s suspension as analyst by Standard Bank and all three individuals have,charges of discrimination initiated against them. Woke Twitter has become a fastidious operation which deserves scrutiny. Woke Twitter is indicative of being culturally and nationally cognizant. This phrase surfaced by global developments #BlackLivesMatter in the U.S. and #RhodesMustFall crusade activated by Twitter.

The definition of “woke” means seeing through the extensive publicity and becoming keenly attentive to “real issues” as well as confronting sex and gender held criticism, and expands further past the race boundary.

Woke Twitter attacks social media users who deem to exhibit modes of racism or gender discrimination. Their directive is renouncing sequential reference of the country as a Rainbow Nation, and conclude radical process must take place against those who stand in the path of conversion.

Twitter assemblage is becoming more extensive with hash bags that link hundreds of thousands of users to current issues. These Twitter advocates are creating real world effects with objectivity not only for confronting public affront, but even face the fear of losing their jobs.

The constitution defines that everyone has the privilege to exercise their human right with the stipulation,that the rights of others are not breached.

According to prominent legal analyst Brenda Wardle, Penny Sparrow’s right to freedom of speech encroached on the basic right to human decorum. In other words,she unlawfully flawed and tarnished the gentility of black people using racially abhorrent verbal terminology.

Brenda Wardle is a respected South African legal analyst and author. She possesses three law degrees and others. She is a deemed authority on human rights with justice for all, and she has been highlighted in various publications.

She wrote a novel that is broadly based on her life and impressive legal career. She is set to release the book entitled To Kill A Fragile Rose, which is based on The State’s Case Against Oscar Pistorius.

She is frequently invited to participate in speaking in front of colleagues and law students to share her immense knowledge and expertise in law.

Brenda Wardle continues to hold the esteemed position of COO at the Wardle College of Law where she is cementing her legacy of excellence.

Watch Brenda Wardle discuss the Oscar Pistorius trial


Ross Abelow Working To Help Homeless Animals

Homeless and stray animals has become a serious issue in the United States. Shelters are being overwhelmed by the number of animals needing shelter and care, especially during the winter season. There never seems to be enough room or money for all the animals and some are simply left out in the cold.

In New York City there s an effort to help these shelters so that no animal has to suffer in the snow and cold this winter. Attorney Ross Abelow has commenced a Gofundme fundraiser to aid the shelters in providing warm blankets, a safe haven and food for dogs and cats.

Th fundraiser was commenced on January 13th, and seeks to raise $5,000 to benefit the shelters and aid animals. Abelow feels that no animal should have to tolerate the cold conditions in New York and wants to prevent animals from dying. The fundraiser is only recently underway, but the hope is that people will understand the need and donate whatever they can.

Ross Abelow is a longtime resident of New York. He has intimate knowledge of the animal problem in the area and this is why he feels that something should be done to protect the animals. His position as a lawyer simply gives him a bit more clout to get the job done.

He has many contacts throughout the state, for he went to the northern section of the state for his undergraduate degree. There he was able to connect with many people from throughout the state and the country. After having attended Albany State University, Mr Abelow returned to Brooklyn to attain his law degree.

After graduation, having passed the bar exam and becoming licensed, Mr Abelow pursued a career in family law. He is qualified to practice family and matrimonial law, as well as having the experience and knowledge to delve into entertainment law. He also tends to dabble quite a bit in the realm of litigation, so whatever the need, Mr Abelow can probably help or offer the name of a peer who can.

He is also an avid blogger offering financial and legal advice over the internet and through venues such as mashable and facebook. The desire to aid animals has probably stemmed fro the over 26 years experience working in the courts and his ability to work in finance and law. No matter what the reason, the animals of New York an sure use the help.

Charles Koch Launches Stand Together

Charles Koch has expanded his philanthropic campaign by launching Stand Together. It is a venture philanthropy organization that seeks to tackle deep-seated social problems and reinvigorate the civil society. It plans to do this by solving problems the poor have using institutions and organizations they have founded. It is a new approach given many rich corporates help by dictating to people what they want to be done.

Stand Together has been in the works for the last year but launched this year with a website and plans for this year. The first plan it intends to carry out is a team with Bob Woodson to continue his advocacy of training grass root leaders.

Stand together is the most last in a long list of philanthropist groups associated with Charles Koch that has for a long time fought the rights of the poor. Groups like Americans for Prosperity and Libre Initiative have been active in the America social fabric for a long time. They have contributed their fair share of transformation in the American social life. Stand Together is said will increase the proportion the Koch Brothers contributed to philanthropic causes outside the political core they are well known.

Since 1973, The Koch Brothers have fought hard to promote small government ideologies. It is an Idea shared by their father, Fred Koch. They have achieved this thinking through political donations and promoting libertarian policies and curriculum in schools. They reveal they plan to spend $ 900 million over the next year in political lobbying. Most of the money will go into preparing for the elections next year.

Stand together will be directed by Evans Feinberg. He will be assisted by Richard Fink, who was named as the most influential man in Charles Koch circle. Brian Hooks will serve in an advisory capacity. Brian is the head of Charles Koch Foundation and Charles Koch Institute.

Charles Koch is the CEO and president of Koch Industries. He has been in the business since 1950 when he took over. In 1962, it had a turnover of around $ 50 million annually. Today, Charles Koch has grown it to have over $ 110 billion annually.

Charles Koch is a graduate of MIT with a Ph.D. He is married to Liz, and they have four kids. Liz says they chose Wichita Kansas as their home because it is a great place to bring up children and do business.

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Getting A Home Cleaned Is As Easy As Contacting Handy

It’s understandable that many would love to clean their homes as necessary, but it’s just not always possible to keep a home clean at all times. Some will let their homes get to the point where it needs serious cleaning before they do anything about it, and it may be because the person is at work for many hours throughout the week. Those who work a typical 40 hour week have a hard time cleaning their home, and it’s even worse for those who work more than 40 hours or have a family to care for when they get home.

Handy has a home cleaning service that can be obtained by anyone, and the person simply needs to sign up for an account with Handy online. Signing up for an account is something that only takes a minute, and once the account is created, then the person can search through the website for the different services that they need. With all the services that Handy offers, it’s no wonder why so many people are going to Handy for their needs, especially since there are no home services that are out of bounds. There are many that need simple things done like furniture assembly, and Handy professionals can do this work.

Even if a person is choosing to move from one place to another and needs help moving, Handy has professionals that do this work. Plumbing services, painting services, assembly services and more are all available through Handy, which are several services that no one will be able to find with any other single company out there. Handy offers so many services that they are literally a one-stop location for any home service that is needed by anyone. Handy also takes pride in the fact that they only hire professional and experienced workers, and some worker have years of experience in their field.

There’s no need to worry about getting a painter that doesn’t know what they’re doing and doesn’t protect the home as necessary when painting outside of the home or inside the home. Anyone coming to assemble furniture will not only read the directions but will have prior knowledge about how the furniture should be assembled. Even those who need cleaning services from Handy won’t have to worry about the cleaning not being done properly or cross-contamination because the professionals who work for Handy will know how best to clean a home.