Doe Deere Doesn’t Abide by the Rules of Fashion

There is certainly no doubt in the minds of some individuals that fashion rules are things that should never be broken. In fact, these are the individuals that are quick to point out anyone who dares to bend the rules, not to mention the ones that decide to break them all together. With that being said, there are a few unique individuals that have a strong enough presence of mind to do their own thing when it comes to fashion. These people do not pay attention to the so called rules everyone else seems to consider to be hard and fast ordinances. Instead, these particular individuals make up their own rules as they go. They have decided that there is nothing wrong with expressing a unique personality through fashion. In order to do that, it is virtually impossible to abide by these so-called rules of fashion.

One of the most unique individuals in fashion is Doe Deere. By now, most people have heard of her and know her to be the brainchild of the unique cosmetics company Lime Crime. In order to understand the theory behind the fashion, it is necessary to understand the mindset of Doe Deere herself. The truth is, she grew up in a time when she desperately wanted to express her unique personality through vibrant colors in cosmetics and fashion alike, yet she was constantly told that she had to abide by these particular rules. She felt as though this stifled her creativity and in the process, it stifled her very personality. Eventually, she decided that she had had enough.

Deere finally decided that if she couldn’t find the cosmetic colors to go with vibrant fashion choices that she wanted, she would create them herself. In the process, she broke practically every rule of fashion that exists and she did it with grace and poise. Today, she sports all kinds of vibrant unnatural hair colors that are coupled with bold colors for eyes and lips that will certainly get your attention. She combines all of these things at one time, tossing many of the rules of fashion and looks to the wind in order to create her own unique style. Her goal is to show others that they too can create a style that is all their own without worrying about listening to fashion critics and other would be naysayers.

Fashion is one of those things that should always be in motion. More and more individuals are making the decision to let fashion be something that is guided by their own unique set of principles instead of following rules that someone else has set for them. This is just as it should be. People should have the right to create their own unique styles that reflect their particular personality as opposed to falling into a sea of individuals who are dressed exactly like they are, wearing the same cosmetics and sporting the same hair color. Fashion should be an extension of one’s personality and thanks to Doe Deere and her company Lime Crime, it is becoming exactly that.

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