Jaime Garcia Dias Reveals Sensational Tips on Public Speaking!

Well known, award winning, Brazilian author Jaime Garcia Dias recently shared with the world a few amazing tips on public speaking. Jaime Garcia Dias, an expert on the subject, insists on the importance of delivering a sound presentation, especially for those who are set to deal with large groups or audiences. Not being able to communicate your ideas can be disastrous to your career and your reputation. Speaking publicly may not be a comfortable situation, but it is often required. The tips Jaime lays out are easy to comprehend and follow, yet even an experienced individual can benefit from these tips that make the grueling task of public speaking bearable.

The first tip Jaime gives is when you are first creating your speech, create it as if it is only for yourself, or a few close friends. You obviously wouldn’t want to use the same relaxed language you would use among your peers, but avoiding overly complex terms and being simplistic can benefit you greatly come presentation time. You also want to convey your message without becoming rhetoric.

The next tip that Jaime Garcia Dias points out is using your tone of voice and body language effectively during your presentation, something that has helped his painting career. Be sure that your movements and actions are in harmony with what is being said. If you come to an exciting part of your speech, it’s a good idea to show a little enthusiasm in your body movements. Furthermore, Jaime says using your voice and altering your pitch will draw attention to parts of your speech you wish to emphasize.

Finally, Jaime Garcia Dias gives the old time favorite tip of practice makes perfect, and his career shows he’s had a lot of practice. Repetition of key points of your presentation and practicing your speech will improve your delivery and increase the effectiveness of your speech. When you have practiced your speech you win undoubtedly be less afraid or nervous. Jaime does, however, point out that being nervous is not necessarily a bad thing. Nervousness causes many to be more committed to the situation and avoid distractions. According to Jaime Garcia Dias on his Twitter, as in everything we wish to do successfully, public speaking requires a little extra effort.  On his website you can read even more about Jaime and his career.

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