Entrepreneur Alexei Beltyukov And His Achievements

Alexei Beltyukov is a well known philanthropist who donates his time and money to achieve the best in the Information and Technology sector. He is a Russian citizen who mostly focuses on emerging trends and issues in the market. Apart from being a known philanthropist, Mr. Alexei also possesses excellent entrepreneurship skills, and continues to launch new enterprises with those skills. He majorly focuses on the social life of all the Russia citizens rather than personal interests. He has recently being associated with Nanotechnology deals.

  1. Beltyukov started his career by founding Endemic Capital, which CrunchBase shows. This firm made him famous and attracted people attention due to his great work. He currently resides in Moscow Russia. He has been contributing to the Russia Companies startups at a higher rate. Mr. Alexei is an important figure in the economy of Russia. He runs organizations to help citizens who want to study business have an ample time. Alexei donated for the establishment of INSEAD Alumni Scholarship.
  2. Alexei had worked with many financial institutions in his lifetime. He once worked as the deputy CEO in Brunswick Capital Investment firm for one year. While in this company, he used to organize all special operations and undertakings of the institution.

Alexie has recently been busy organizing the launching of the SOLVY.com software. The software is expected to make a hilarious change in the Russia education system. This news got published by the prnews.com, which implied that the software was only waiting launching to start operating. Launching of the software attracted educational leaders such as the teachers and the coordinators. According to the educational experts who deal with technological advancements, the software will make the learning process easier.

Executive Beltyukov explained that SOLVY.com was generated to fit the high school needs. The software quickly creates an assignment and offers feedback to the students. It also allows the student instructors to carry out a follow-up activity to know the students’ proceedings. SOLVY.com was rated as one of the recently developed successful startups in Russia.

The full advantage of this software is that it only accepts single choices. A student solving a mathematical problem has to address the issue up to the result. The software encourages students to study mathematical sums harder. It allows students to make simple mistakes and then offer them feedback to rectify their mistakes. Alexei implied that he developed the software to help student handle their students in an efficient way.

For more about his career, and where he’s going next you can find a full bio of Alexei on his About.me page. Or for quick tips, and an insight into his day to day life as an executive, you can check out his Twitter page.

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