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The Success of James Dondero and Highland Capital Management

The stock market of 2015 was full of optimism and was heavily invested in with a sense of positivism as the stock market demonstrated strength. The stock market of 2015 for the first half looked optimistic until August when the 2015 stock market experienced a mini-crash between August and April that led to uncertainty among investors for the 2016 new year. The new year of 2016 demonstrates similar characteristics to 2015. Though the stock market looks strong and is increasing, investors foresee a similar outcome that is similar to the mini-crash of the 2015 stock market.

The past week has been a positive week for the stock market. This is currently recovering from a multiyear of of lows. This stimulus in the stock market has investors hope the overseas will sea growth in the stock market as well. Some of the largest increases can be noted within the energy industry as well as the oil industry. Other companies that increased in stock market value include Apple.

Though many industries increased in stock market value, companies such as American Express fell behind by 12 percent. With the overall uncertainty among investors decreasing,it is foreseen that the though the economy is weak as of currently, it will get better which is demonstrated by this past week. In summary, for every stock that declined in value, nine stocks advanced within the New York Stock Exchange. Overall the high-frequency trading accounted for 49 percent of the trading volume that occurred in January. This compares to the 2009 trading volume that accounted for around 61 percent of average daily shares.

With the 2016 stock market still in a haze for what is expected, experts within the investment industry have provided their expertise as to how to invest in the current stock market. One expert in particular is James Dondero who is the current owner and co-founder of Highland Capital Management which was founded in 1993. Jim Dondero has over 30 years of experience to which he has been able to apply to Highland Capital Management by way of offering the best credit-based solution.

Jim Dondero’s company has created personalized products that include CLOs, mutual funds, hedge funds and many other products that can be applied to both private as well as public institutions. Mr. Dondero is a dedicated individual who has already provided excellent advise as to how to succeed with investments in this uncertain economy.

Coriant Adds Shaygan Kheradpir To Its Leadership Team

The leadership of many of the world’s most important technology companies plays an important role in developing the stance an individual company will take in moving forward for the future. Technology company Coriant formed in 2013 and was originally under the leadership of financial expert Pat DiPietro from parent company Marlin Equity Partners; DiPietro has recently returned to his former role with Marlin after being involved in appointing his successor at Coriant. Shaygan Kheradpir has now been installed as the newly appointed CEO of Coriant after initially joining the company in advisory role.

Shaygan Kheradpir embarked upon a thorough review of the entire company at Coriant in a bid to determine areas where improvements could be made, which reflects the abilities Kheradpir has as an all round business person. Shaygan Kheradpir offers much more to a company than simply the opportunity to develop new technologies, including the business skills he has developed that saw Kheradpir become the first technology executive to be allowed to sit on the board of the financial giant, Barclay’s.

The skills of Shaygan Kheradpir as a leader in the development of new technologies look set to provide a great payoff for Coriant in the coming years. Kheradpir began his career in the area of research and development, resulting in a number of the now industry standard strategies for development being born. Kheradpir was the first to divide his research team into smaller groups with 30 day deadlines to lower costs and limit hardware backlogs.

Shaygan Kheradpir has been developing both his development and business skills in recent years in a bid to make sure every company he works for benefits in a wide range of ways. Coriant have entrusted the entire company to Kheradpir as a show of trust for the high quality of the review conducted by the technology executive. Coriant has grown to include more than 3,000 employees on its payroll, who are now under the leadership of one of the best known technology experts in the world.

Securus Technologies Provides Innovative Solutions to Inmates and Investigators

Securus Tehcnologies, which can be found online at, has long provided technology solutions related to public safety, civil and criminal justice, monitoring, and corrections. The company assists both investigators and inmates. 

Imprisonment can be a lonely and isolating experience. With the help of Video Visitation services from Securus Technologies, however, inmates can remain regularly connected with their loved ones, which will help them not only to adjust to their present circumstances, but also to the outside world upon release. At-home visitation via video technology allows families to visit their incarcerated love ones more often than they might otherwise be able to do if travel was involved. Onsite video visitation can even be conveniently scheduled online through Securus Technologies at Brochures are available on the website to help orient users to this modern communication technology. Video visitation is a fully web-based system that takes into account the availability of inmates when helping loved ones to schedule remote visits. 

While inmates have their struggles, investigators also have theirs. Investigation is no easy profession, and these men and women need tools that can help them draw useful conclusions from all the various means of inmate communication. That’s where Securus Technologies steps in once again. Most recently, it released THREADS 3.1, an analytic tool that makes use of big data to alert investigators to the suspicious patterns of inmate phone calls, as well as to their questionable associations and fraternization activities. 

THREADS 3.1 now contains an improved user interface that incorporates cutting-edge big data analytical technology. The redesign means that navigation and searching will now be easier and loading will occur more quickly. Investigators will now also be able to integrate the patented THREADS 3.1 technology directly with other products of the company, including the Secure Call Platform (SCP). The tool is meant to provide investigators with leads and intelligence that he or she can act upon without the need of much training. Three features of the improved technology particularly stand out:

(1) Investigators can now listen to SCP calls within the THREADS application itself.

(2) Customized mapping will help investigators find solutions faster.

(3) Real-time analysis, which is provided with guidance, and context-sensitive reports will make the investigator’s job easier. 

Securus is based out of Dallas, Texas, which contains one of the largest penal system in the United States. The company, however, assists thousands of law enforcement, corrections, and public safety agencies all across the North American continent, encompassing over 1.2 million inmates. Recently they have expanded their leadership team to reflect their growth.

Do Burning Books Reflect Economic Chills?

Troubled Economic Forecasts

Recently, an article entitled “It’s 2008 All Over Again: George Soros Warns China Will Spark Global Financial MELTDOWN” appeared on the online news website Express. The piece reported that billionaire financier George Soros has told an economic forum recently that the current global economic situation reminded him of the fiscal crisis which occurred during 2008.

His gloomy predictions about current market trends have fueled extensive coverage in some media publications. Possibly recent political events in Russia support the idea that a chill has descended across free market processes in some parts of Eastern Europe. The issue of whether artificial restrictions upon the free flow of ideas usually accompany economic downturns has fascinated historians for generations.

Political Pendulums

Of course, most Americans appreciate that the diplomacy between the United States and Russia has not always proceeded smoothly even during prosperous economic times. While the United States enjoyed a booming free market economy during the hip 1960s, Russia and many states in Eastern Europe struggled under oppressive Soviet Bloc monopolies. The USA and the U.S.S.R. narrowly avoided global conflict during the early years of that decade.

With the end of the Cold War during the early 1990s, most people hoped that relations between the the two superpowers would inspire international friendship. George Soros and others worked hard to persuade Russians to modernize economic and political institutions. Americans briefly began adopting Russian orphans in large numbers and welcoming Russian immigrants into U.S. society.

A Cold Front Strikes Eastern Europe

Recent events suggest that not everyone has forgotten lingering Cold War tensions. Billionaire George Soros has invested considerable time, money and energy attempting to promote the spread of democratic ideals in former totalitarian states through his charitable civic endeavors.

Yet after Russia’s post-Cold War political relations with the Obama Administration turned frosty in the wake of Russia’s seizure of the Crimea, officials in Moscow placed two branches of organizations associated with George Soros on a list of entities viewed as undesirable by the Russian government. This year an educational institution in Northern Russia reportedly permitted political activists to remove hundreds of books from college library shelves, some of them linked to the charities founded by the billionaire investment manager.

Accurate Predictions

Does the recent Russian censorship relate to a purely political chill? Or do overtones of economic gloom motivate these harsh measures? Answering this question holds importance for entrepreneurs.

Michigan Family Gives $1.2 Billion Back to Local Community

Dick DeVos is an American businessman, politician, and successful entrepreneur who has not only improved his community in Michigan, but also has even more plans to create more foundations to assist educational, artistic, religious, as well as civic missions. Mr. DeVos is a strong and dedicated businessman who grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Dick even remembers his passion for business at an early age when he and his brother were constantly playing at his father’s office. DeVos and his brother started in the business profession at an early age and even were presenting products and giving speeches at an early age. 

Dick’s success truly began when he received a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the prestigious school of Northwood University. After Northwood University, DeVos continued on to attend classes of business at the Harvard University Business School. In addition to his prestigious education, DeVos was even honored with several honorable doctorates that came from Northwood University, Grove City College, Central Michigan University, as well as alumni recognition from Northwood University. 

DeVos’ spot on the 2012 richest individuals of 2012 is attributed to his hard work that started when he joined Amway Corporation in 1974. At this company, he help many positions in many different departments including research and development, manufacturing, marketing, sales, as well as finance. Just 10 years later, DeVos earned the position as one of the company’s vice presidents. With this responsibility, he had the responsibility to oversee production in 18 different countries and frequently gives talks to other companies about the success of his ventures during that time. To see his full resume, check out Dick’s LinkedIn profile.

Dick DeVos’ success has enabled him to became a part of several organizations including organizations that are geared towards supporting the arts. Mr. DeVos’ foundation, the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation has been continuously supporting an art competition that is known as ArtPrize since 2009. He and his wife also founded the first aviation high school in Michigan to give children the chance to succeed in aviation that may otherwise not have been able to afford such an education. In 2010, this foundation also donated 22.5 million dollars to the Kennedy Center Institute of Arts Management. This donation was reportedly the largest private donation in the Kennedy Center’s history. 

In addition to Dick’s dedication to supporting the arts, he created a scholarship foundation that was created in 2008. The intent of this foundation was to support student who are involved in MA, MS, or MBA programs. The scholarship is used at the Thunderbird School of Global Management for those who are from developing nations. DeVos and his wife’s dedication to philanthropy is constantly praised through not only the hours put in but also the money that is made through these foundations. He has been quite tight-lipped about the amount of money he and his family have given in the past, but recently they opened up in an interview with MLive and disclosed that they had collectively given over $1.2 billion dollars to charity throughout their lifetimes.

Get the latest on Dick DeVos by clicking on the following link:

Doe Deere Doesn’t Abide by the Rules of Fashion

There is certainly no doubt in the minds of some individuals that fashion rules are things that should never be broken. In fact, these are the individuals that are quick to point out anyone who dares to bend the rules, not to mention the ones that decide to break them all together. With that being said, there are a few unique individuals that have a strong enough presence of mind to do their own thing when it comes to fashion. These people do not pay attention to the so called rules everyone else seems to consider to be hard and fast ordinances. Instead, these particular individuals make up their own rules as they go. They have decided that there is nothing wrong with expressing a unique personality through fashion. In order to do that, it is virtually impossible to abide by these so-called rules of fashion.

One of the most unique individuals in fashion is Doe Deere. By now, most people have heard of her and know her to be the brainchild of the unique cosmetics company Lime Crime. In order to understand the theory behind the fashion, it is necessary to understand the mindset of Doe Deere herself. The truth is, she grew up in a time when she desperately wanted to express her unique personality through vibrant colors in cosmetics and fashion alike, yet she was constantly told that she had to abide by these particular rules. She felt as though this stifled her creativity and in the process, it stifled her very personality. Eventually, she decided that she had had enough.

Deere finally decided that if she couldn’t find the cosmetic colors to go with vibrant fashion choices that she wanted, she would create them herself. In the process, she broke practically every rule of fashion that exists and she did it with grace and poise. Today, she sports all kinds of vibrant unnatural hair colors that are coupled with bold colors for eyes and lips that will certainly get your attention. She combines all of these things at one time, tossing many of the rules of fashion and looks to the wind in order to create her own unique style. Her goal is to show others that they too can create a style that is all their own without worrying about listening to fashion critics and other would be naysayers.

Fashion is one of those things that should always be in motion. More and more individuals are making the decision to let fashion be something that is guided by their own unique set of principles instead of following rules that someone else has set for them. This is just as it should be. People should have the right to create their own unique styles that reflect their particular personality as opposed to falling into a sea of individuals who are dressed exactly like they are, wearing the same cosmetics and sporting the same hair color. Fashion should be an extension of one’s personality and thanks to Doe Deere and her company Lime Crime, it is becoming exactly that.

Jaime Garcia Dias Reveals Sensational Tips on Public Speaking!

Well known, award winning, Brazilian author Jaime Garcia Dias recently shared with the world a few amazing tips on public speaking. Jaime Garcia Dias, an expert on the subject, insists on the importance of delivering a sound presentation, especially for those who are set to deal with large groups or audiences. Not being able to communicate your ideas can be disastrous to your career and your reputation. Speaking publicly may not be a comfortable situation, but it is often required. The tips Jaime lays out are easy to comprehend and follow, yet even an experienced individual can benefit from these tips that make the grueling task of public speaking bearable.

The first tip Jaime gives is when you are first creating your speech, create it as if it is only for yourself, or a few close friends. You obviously wouldn’t want to use the same relaxed language you would use among your peers, but avoiding overly complex terms and being simplistic can benefit you greatly come presentation time. You also want to convey your message without becoming rhetoric.

The next tip that Jaime Garcia Dias points out is using your tone of voice and body language effectively during your presentation, something that has helped his painting career. Be sure that your movements and actions are in harmony with what is being said. If you come to an exciting part of your speech, it’s a good idea to show a little enthusiasm in your body movements. Furthermore, Jaime says using your voice and altering your pitch will draw attention to parts of your speech you wish to emphasize.

Finally, Jaime Garcia Dias gives the old time favorite tip of practice makes perfect, and his career shows he’s had a lot of practice. Repetition of key points of your presentation and practicing your speech will improve your delivery and increase the effectiveness of your speech. When you have practiced your speech you win undoubtedly be less afraid or nervous. Jaime does, however, point out that being nervous is not necessarily a bad thing. Nervousness causes many to be more committed to the situation and avoid distractions. According to Jaime Garcia Dias on his Twitter, as in everything we wish to do successfully, public speaking requires a little extra effort.  On his website you can read even more about Jaime and his career.

OrganoGold Nature’s Healing Gift

OrganoGold is a brand of single-serving coffees, teas, and chocolate, made with ganoderma, which is an ancient medicinal mushroom, also known as Reishi, from Japan and China. It is known to the Chinese as spirit medicine. It is believed to promote long life; ganoderma is also a health tonic and preventative. Since the 1970s, it has been in the public awareness and studied scientifically. Although it is now being rediscovered by the Western World as a prized edible mushroom, it has been in use for thousands of years in Asia.

Ganoderma is credited, by WebMD, for boosting the immune system, and for aiding in the treatment of lung diseases, heart diseases, viral infections, kidney disease, flu, cancer, liver problems, HIV, plus a multitude of secondary illnesses. Two of the problems to watch for with this supplement are bleeding disorders and liver reaction; ganderma reacts badly with high blood pressure medications, or with medications that slow blood clotting.

CEO and Founder Bernardo Chua launched OrganoGold in 2008 in British Columbia, and the company is still headquartered there. OG is now sold in 44 countries, and on 6 continents. OrganoGold’s mission is “to bring the treasures of the earth to the people of the world” by offering ganoderma in simple everyday products, like a cup of coffee. OG has attracted some big names to its cause, Manny Pacquiao, renowned boxer, is a supporter. Greg Norman, golfer, is OG Global Brand Ambassador. In 2013 Norman made inquiries for investment opportunities, then followed through on procedure.

In a recent press release, Chua commented on twitter too, on a BBC story which reported a recent joint international study that credited ganoderma with weight loss. Chua pointed out that for years, ganoderma has been a staple of traditional Asian medicine. He added that it was gratifying to see the scientific community finally validating the benefits and properties of ganoderma.  Follow Bernie on Facebook to keep up with where the company goes forward from this point.

Entrepreneur Alexei Beltyukov And His Achievements

Alexei Beltyukov is a well known philanthropist who donates his time and money to achieve the best in the Information and Technology sector. He is a Russian citizen who mostly focuses on emerging trends and issues in the market. Apart from being a known philanthropist, Mr. Alexei also possesses excellent entrepreneurship skills, and continues to launch new enterprises with those skills. He majorly focuses on the social life of all the Russia citizens rather than personal interests. He has recently being associated with Nanotechnology deals.

  1. Beltyukov started his career by founding Endemic Capital, which CrunchBase shows. This firm made him famous and attracted people attention due to his great work. He currently resides in Moscow Russia. He has been contributing to the Russia Companies startups at a higher rate. Mr. Alexei is an important figure in the economy of Russia. He runs organizations to help citizens who want to study business have an ample time. Alexei donated for the establishment of INSEAD Alumni Scholarship.
  2. Alexei had worked with many financial institutions in his lifetime. He once worked as the deputy CEO in Brunswick Capital Investment firm for one year. While in this company, he used to organize all special operations and undertakings of the institution.

Alexie has recently been busy organizing the launching of the software. The software is expected to make a hilarious change in the Russia education system. This news got published by the, which implied that the software was only waiting launching to start operating. Launching of the software attracted educational leaders such as the teachers and the coordinators. According to the educational experts who deal with technological advancements, the software will make the learning process easier.

Executive Beltyukov explained that was generated to fit the high school needs. The software quickly creates an assignment and offers feedback to the students. It also allows the student instructors to carry out a follow-up activity to know the students’ proceedings. was rated as one of the recently developed successful startups in Russia.

The full advantage of this software is that it only accepts single choices. A student solving a mathematical problem has to address the issue up to the result. The software encourages students to study mathematical sums harder. It allows students to make simple mistakes and then offer them feedback to rectify their mistakes. Alexei implied that he developed the software to help student handle their students in an efficient way.

For more about his career, and where he’s going next you can find a full bio of Alexei on his page. Or for quick tips, and an insight into his day to day life as an executive, you can check out his Twitter page.