Sam Tabar’s New Investment

Early 2015, Sam Tabar expanded his investment portfolio by adding another startup company, THINX, which focuses on supporting women in America and Africa. THINX specializes in fashionable undergarment that helps women during menstruation period. After buying this underwear, a person is provided with a reusable sanitary pad through an initiative called AFRIpads, which supports African women who would have missed school or work for lack of these pads. The company began by campaigning and promoting its products, and now it has five brands of this fashionable undergarment. According to Tabar, he believes that the company has special business model because it has adequate financial support and this is an encouragement to other people because they can contribute to issues affecting communities after making purchases.  It also inspired Sam to make his own GoFundMe campaign for much the same thing.

THINX has managed to help others because they have unique design. For every purchase a woman in Africa is given seven washable and reusable sanitary pads through AFRIpads. As a result, women are able to attend their daily duties (either school or work) without worrying about their menstruation because it has been managed accordingly. Sam Tabar is highly experienced about the investment market because he is a legal and investment expert. He has worked at Sparx Group as a legal counsel and also as the Head of Capital Strategy for Merill Lynch. Sam is a prominent lawyer in New York who graduated from Oxford University and Columbia Law School.

Sam Tabar was introduced to a number of women who started THINX through mutual friends. At that time, he had not made his mind whether to invest in the project, but the business model was appealing to him. THINX was successful during KIckstarter and crowdfunding campaigns because it was able to bring financing. The company now provides its brands through a website where wholesale and retail distributions are available. THINX undergarments come in five different fashionable styles that can provide comfort and confidence to women during their menstruation period.

The company has a manifesto where customers can sign in its website, as a way of empowering those buying THINX products. This is done as a proof that they have assisted another woman or girl somewhere to be at work or school. Sam Tabar has worked across the legal field and also in investment industry for many years which details. He has held a number of positions including Legal Counsel, Senior Associate, Capital Strategist and also Managing Director.  Follow him on Twitter for more.

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