Career Path of Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright joined Newark CEDC as its Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. Kevin is an experienced financial pro who previously worked in the public sector before moving to the private sector. He worked in Baltimore, Maryland, for the government where he served at different capacities and won several awards due to his hard work. He served in the public sector for over 10 years before he decided to make the crucial move to the private industry. He was appointed to join Newark CEDC one year ago, and since then he has initiated several programs meant to enhance the livelihood of residents of Newark.

In the summer, Kevin facilitated the employment of 3,000 Newark students in a program meant to encourage economic growth among the youths. He is adapted to flexible attitude that enables him provide creative solutions to those in need. As a result of his adaptation, Kevin managed to win all the awards he has received so far. Kevin was motivated by his parents who introduce him to financial sector at an early age. He used to work for youth initiative programs when he was a young boy aged twelve. According to Kevin, his parents played a major role of ensuring he had contributed positively in improving the lives of adults and children in Newark, Baltimore and Philadelphia.

He’s shared his thoughts on Twitter and Kevin thinks college education plays an important role of training and teaching young people and equipping them with relevant skills needed to improve their lives. He personally benefited from formal and online education and for this reason, he is encouraging young people to follow the same path and make a difference in their lives. In 2013, the total number of students pursuing online studies was about 6.7 million. Throughout his career as CrunchBase shows it, Seawright has been worked for organizations recognized for empowering and strengthening communities.

Kevin Seawright recognizes the importance of participating actively in societies, education and public governance. He was recognized by the Mendoza College of Business after he completed a program in Executive Leadership. Indeed, Seawright is a role model to young people who wish to proceed with their college education. The purpose of undertaking the course is to enable business leaders to be at the same level with other competitors in the non-profit sector. For over 13 years, Kevin has worked successfully in the public and private sectors specializing in financial management.

Before he moved to Newark, NJ, Kevin had worked in various filed including real estate, education and local government in Washington DC, and Baltimore. He is involved in coaching a local youth team and also serves as a member of Babe Ruth Museum. Indeed, Kevin has played a major role of empowering people to improve their lives.

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